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    Do you meticulously dot the i's and cross the t's?

    The idiom 'dot the i's and cross the t's' is generally understood to mean to pay diligent attention to the details of something, to do something very carefully, especially when one is trying to complete a targetted assignment.
    Its scope is not limited to the checking of spelling or grammatical errors in a written content. As a matter of fact, with the advent of computers, nobody is required to pay any particular attention to 'dot the i's and cross the t's' as the letters are system generated with all i's duly dotted and all t's duly crossed.
    But, the real intention of the idiom remains to be taken care of.
    I always feel very ashamed when any unintentional silly mistake remains in my typed content.
    Do you meticulously dot the i's and cross the t's?
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    We should try to out best dot the i's and cross the t's but it is not always and completely possible. For example, when I use the word 'about' in a post, I may type it as 'abut' which is not shown as error by spell checker. Similarly, the words 'the' and 'he', 'his and hi', 'heir and her' etc,. When I write a forum response/expert answer/resource response, I read it again before posting and correct the mistakes pointed by spell checker. Even then, there is a chance for mistakes like the ones mentioned above. When I post a forum thread/expert question/resource, I read it word for word before posting and make sure that the mistakes are almost nil. I personally feel that it is not necessary to dot the i's and cross the t's always and especially if its a time taking process.

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    Nowadays, in the computerized system, it has become much easier and convenient to check spellings by use of online spelling/grammar checking tools, but still, we often come across contents having glaring glitches. Perhaps it is more like a matter of attitude.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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