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    Famous things from places you have visited

    Almost every Indian city or town that I have lived in or been to has something famous that can visitors can carry back home. Here is what a few Indian cities that I have been to are famous for –

    1. Dehradun – Basmati rice and Lychee
    2. Moradabad – Brass work
    3. Firozabad – Glass Bangles
    4. Lucknow – Chikan work and dussheri mangoes
    5. Hyderabad – Lac Bangles, Haleem, Biryani, Goodies from Karachi Bakery
    6. Mathura – Peda
    7. Agra – Petha, dalmoth
    8. Lonavla - Chikki
    9. Shimla – Jams, squashes, apples and woodwork
    10. Kashmir – Shawls, walnut furniture, rajma and saffron
    11. Pune – Kayani Bakery - Shrewsbury biscuits
    12. Nasik – Chivda
    13. Bhopal – Beadwork purses
    14. Amritsar – Jutties and phulkari work
    15. Jaipur – Bandhini, leheriya fabric and mojri

    You can add to the list, but remember to add only things that can be bought and carried back home.
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    From dharwad in Karnataka u get famous Dharwad peda.
    Belgaum- kunda

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    1. Ludhiana - Woolens
    2. Indore - Sev
    3. Nagpur- Oranges
    4. Varanasi - Sarees
    5. Allahabad - Guava
    6. Aligarh - Locks
    7. Kolhapur - Chappals
    8. Mathura - Peda
    9. Mirzapur - Carpets
    10. Haridwar - Ganga Jal
    11. Darjeelig - Tea
    12. Kota - Saree

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Nice, isn't this great, each part of our nation bears a unique heritage. So proud to be an Indian.

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    Kolkata is famous for street foods and sweetmeats (mishti). No other city (even other cities/towns of West Bengal) can boast of so much varieties of sweetmeats.
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    I would like to bring out few items from Tamilnadu.
    From Tirunelveli we get Halwa. This city is known as Halwa City. The halwa prepared in Tirunelveli is exported to foreign lands.
    From Dindigul, we get good locks.
    From Madurai, we get Gigir Danta, a cool beverage.
    From Manapparai, we get delicious Murukku.
    From Tuticorin, We get pearl. It is known as pearl city.
    From Kumbakonam, we get filter coffee.
    From Tanjore, we get Head shaking toys.
    From Tiruppur, we get good inner wears like Banians and underwears and towels.
    From Paththamadai, we get good sleeping mats (Korambaai)A mat woven with bulrush.

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    After reading this thread one comes to know the towns and cities famous for eatables and eateries and also such items which cannot be matched with them. Coming back to Hyderabad, apart from lac bangles, the Charminar area is also famous for making Naan rotis. These rotis are used during the wedding receptions and we can see in the old city many are preparing Naan. And we also see the people preparing silver foil that is used to cover the sweets and also required as the anti insect cover for the sweet items. And who can forget the Irani Chai at every furlong we walk across the new and old city. One cup of Irani chai is enough to feel the taste of great tea that will linger in your mouth for long time.
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    My share to contribute is:
    fragrant jasmin from Madurai, Veechchuparota (for some people)from Madurai, Pearls for Hyderabad; Milk pudding (palkova) from Shrivillippuththur, Mixed flowers garland (kadhambam) of Thanjavur, Sugar coated Murukku (Inippu sevu) from Thirunelveli, nut candy (kadalai mittai) from Kovilpatti, Silk Sarees from Kanchipuram, Banana Halwa from Udupi,Karnataka, Nendram chips fried in pure coconut oil from Kerala (almost all places we can get this), Thatte Idli from Tumkur, Cup idli from Hassan, Morkuzhambu vada from salem.

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