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    Has corruption got social acceptance nowadays?

    During discussions about matrimonial matches, it is often mentioned that the boy holds a good position and has good 'oopar ki aamdani' (extra income). The extra income adds a value to the boy and increases its potential to fetch more dowry.
    I remember having read somewhere that in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, the dowry amount used to get increased tremendously only on submitting the application form for the coveted civil services examination, irrespective of the outcome i.e. whether the boy clears even the preliminary screening examination or not.
    Have you ever noticed such trends in the society i.e. people eulogising individuals having a potential to earn extra?
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    We have been living in corruption in the past, present and we shall also live with corruption. It is the fact that corruption has wide acceptance but in eerie silence. The marriages are always fixed with income capacity of the person over and above the fixed salary. If the groom happens to be traffic police, then the extra income would be more and he demands more in dowry eventually. Likewise if the groom happens to be income tax official, then there is every chance of giving more before asking. What I feel that there are people who are ready to marry without dowry and yet the bride side want to give good donation to the groom so that the girl wont have bad time at the in laws in future. Coming back to the corruption only yesterday I was waiting for a person opposite a big hospital and was watching the ongoing happening there. A poor family got discharged the patient from the hospital probably from a leg fracture and he was being helped by others to get in to the hired car. All the formalities are over and the car wont move. The reason being the hospital staff are demanding hefty money as Bakshish for safe discharge of the patient. Already the poor family has spent huge amount and settled the bill right now and this additional expense is without the information of hospital authorities. So what I mean to say that the corruption is going to stay as long as we tend to patronize it all along.
    K Mohan
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    Corruption has grown in our country to an extent that it is almost impossible to eradicate. I just feel disgusted when some people say that you can get more bribes by doing a particular job. These days, people are planning their work with some government employees like this.
    How much bribe does this guy ask?
    How much bribe does that guy ask?
    How much money is needed for paying official fees?
    If people who take bribes and involve in corruption are arrested/suspended immediately, there is a chance for reducing the corruption in our country. But, sometimes the authorities who can arrest/suspend corrupt people take bribes and won't do what they should. If corruption is eradicated or at least reduced, India may become a developed country.

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    As per my opinion more than 80% dowry cases in marriage happen like this. Many marriage brokers do business like this also; they know which candidate is earning more than others. It is very well known to them about their status, their extra income, etc. As per the boy's income and property the family members of boy and/or the matrimony broker make dowry demands to girl's family. Even sometime girl's parent offer more dowry for their daughter's marriage in a good family, with a nice & rich candidate. Therefore, the dowry demanding and offering is a kind of popular corruption in India that makes both families strong in their relations.
    Naresh Kumar
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    Corruption has indeed become a good thing to do. it has become a way of showing a person's ability to earn money merely by their cunningness and position rather than putting in some hard work or loyalty. In fact many people view Government jobs, only as a means to accumulate such money. whether by taking bribes or gifts or doing something from within their reach of power, these selfish people just think of filling up their pockets. they even consider themselves to be lucky to get such a job and position while others who break their backs, doing hard work yet not receiving the actual money they deserve, from the private companies, they work for, see them with envy. A girls parents would be more than happy to accept them as their potential son in law or perhaps a girl in such a government job would attract marriage proposals from such worthy and attractive grooms, whom she wouldn't have even be able to dream of, had she not been working in a government firm.
    Those corrupt people who have managed to accumulate such wealth, see nothing wrong in it, build huge and luxurious houses, own beautiful cars and live a problem free life, there by setting example to others, that they can only achieve everything by corruption and inspire others to get into corruption like them.

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    I think perhaps barring a few exceptions, most of the people are hypocrite i..e. have dual standards regarding matters related to corruption. They condemn it on the face though carve for it clandestinely to compete with others for acquiring material possessions.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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