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    What is the best way for a community to celebrate Independence Day?

    The freedom we have is taken for granted by most – not having experienced the struggles we do not understand what it is not to be free. Flag hoisting and singing of the National Anthem is part of every function that marks the Independence Day. As part of the celebrations school children enact scenes from the freedom struggle. Drawing & painting as well as essay writing competitions with Independence Day as the theme remain popular events. Some social events may include blaring of patriotic music, over loudspeakers. A few residential communities celebrate the day by conducting sports competitions for residents. Cleanliness and tree plantation drives also mark the occasion.

    However, by the end of the day the fervor mellows and the day is forgotten. Is there any way that the patriotic fervor can be kept alive – so we stay committed to our heritage – not just in words, but in everything else that we do?
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    On the Independence Day, people in every Housing Society and locality in cities and towns must take oath on the following:-

    (a) They will devote at least one hour a week to keep their locality clean. Dustbin will be installed in every society and garbage will be thrown in the dustbins only.
    (b) People will not waste water and electricity.
    (c) People will not remain silent spectator when they see or feel abuse of women in their localities or on the road.
    (d) People will report pro-actively to the police about every doubtful character and activities which they notice.

    I thank Mrs. Juana for raising this thread.

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    When ever Independence day or the Republic day are celebrated, the memory restricts to that day only and we fail to take the legacy of what has been promised to further heights. What I think that important matters like community policing is very essential. In a big colony one must be vigilant and ever alert on who is the new person entering the colony and seeking for the portion of rent. Now a days some unscrupulous elements are also seeking apartments for rent in the guise of educated lot and thus it is more difficult for a owner to judge and give them the portion for rent. In this contest each such new persons seeking tenancy must be referred to the community hall office and prove their identity. That way we can help the Nation from anti social elements. Likewise, the community works like tree plantation, cleaning of environs has to be done regularly and for that a committee must be there to look after day to day affairs. Even the civic authorities would help the colonies by keeping the roads and lanes clean.
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    Even after70 years of Independence, we Indians lack to pay proper respect to our National flag . Except the personnel from Armed forces, none pay proper mark of respect to our prestigious tricolour. Before everything, let us first learn to respect our national flag. To start with, we should start teaching the public to stand erect and salute our national flag, at least once in a day. This is what I have proposed to be followed in each and every apartment.

    Just have a look at the attachment to understand it better.

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    Some of the best ways to celebrate Independence Day in a community, apart from flag hoisting and singing national anthem are:
    1. Cleaning your community area and making one man one plant plantation program.
    2. Organising drug rehabilitation or awareness camps; similar other programs like free eye check up, obesity awareness program, Nadi Parikhya (An Ayurveda testing program), or any other health camps with support of your local doctors.
    3. Organizing blood donation camp is also precious.
    4. Special games and personality development or leadership program for children, youth and old ages separately do to development.
    5. Rangoli competition and women empowerment programs for women.
    6. Other entertainment program where all the community children could participate and show their talent.

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    The Independence Day is celebrated like a festival in India as it happens to be a national holiday. As a matter of fact, the holidays play a very important role in creating/spreading awareness about the importance and significance of any event or occasion.
    Regarding the sentiments about the occasion, it has to be inculcated in the new generation in a systematic manner. At the time of birth and during the initial years of growth, the children don't have any such knowledge. As they are taught about many other things, the basics of history should also be narrated to them in the form of stories or taking them to such celebrations. The schools play a very important role in such matters.
    Regarding the manner of celebration, I think much can be achieved by sensitizing the children of the family and/or neighborhood about the importance and significance of the Independence Day.
    Theoretically, the best way to celebrate the Independence Day may be take a vow and practice also to not to indulge in any corrupt practice.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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