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    Side effects of not having arrears in examination

    Surely this thread pertains to students mainly but the implications always has an impact for the surroundings too.

    For students, surely it will give confidence as well as happiness. With that they spread happiness to parents as well as teachers. For parents when they see their ward continuous performance, they are relatively stress free and worry free on their children and their future.

    For teachers, there are many first being, self satisfaction and confidence on their teaching. Among many, survival as a teacher in that institution because nowadays management is stressing the teachers in many ways and first being pass percentage on each paper they are handling. Also while sending to campus interviews, many companies stress without the history of arrears and hence they have a pride of sending more students to campus interview apart from the percentage or grade the students possessed as this is applicable only to very few companies.

    Also student can differentiate himself, the treatment they received once they register themselves as not as a brilliant student but as a faithful student that he can clear the examination and really enjoy the rest of the college days very peacefully. They themselves realize that they have missed this kind of life in their life.

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    Ideally, there should not be any arrears. The student, parent and teacher combine have to work together as a team to ensure that all the subjects or papers are cleared. The main work of the students has to be studies and parents / teachers have to provide necessary support, guidance and cooperation to facilitate the above process. Also, the goals should be realistic only.
    The parents must keep the studies of their children in the list of their top priorities. The teachers should be sincere and totally dedicated to their role and responsibilities. Under such circumstances, there will no room of any arrears in the examination etc.
    As a matter of fact, the arrears are unnatural. It is the lack of proper guidance to the student on the part of the parents and teachers which result in such scenarios. One can never sail on two boats simultaneously.
    Either study can be continued sincerity or other objectives like essential social participation in all entertainment events and family functions can be achieved. Everything else including the enjoyment can be deferred for a later date but the studies are to be completed in a totally focused and dedicated manner during the student days.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    In case of proper guidance of the teachers and of course, with the dedication of the students, there would not be any scope for arrears in respect of papers. In fact, the roles of pupil and the teachers, in this regard, plays an important role in strengthening the relationship. The guardians must be supportive in the relationship of this combination. The students should ensure that there is no dislocation of their studies in the normal circumstances resulting in failure in their attempts to clear the papers in a single instalment. Parents should emphasise their wards that their prime task is to maintain the consistency with regard to studies so that the cases of clearing the back - logs does not come on the way of their studies.

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    Well the most taxing part in a students life is to clear the arrears exams and also clear the main exams. Due to laxity and poor planning some students fall in to the trap of having got over the question papers through a rumor leak and thus prepare heavily on that paper only and forget other questions generally asked. Thus on the examination if they chance upon getting different paper, surely they are going to fail and the arrears guaranteed. So in order to get rid of arrears set back , and its over all side effects, it is better to study important points from the books and note on the day of exam even though you chance upon getting a leaked paper. That would prevent from arrears.
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