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    Why our mind is shifting from right to wrong or at least getting confused.

    This is applicable to many situations where this kind is happening.

    For example, while writing examination, many a times, we would have strike the correct one and go with a wrong answer. For that matter when I was a teacher, while correcting answer sheets of certain subject found one question is answered wrongly by all and to my surprise one student after writing for two pages, he stroked those and answered like others wrongly. On enquiry, he said the invigilator told that others are writing differently and only he is writing this way and hence got confused and written wrongly as the two answers have only one key word clue that they are different.

    Likewise, in programmes like crorepathy or Neengalum Vellalaam oru kodi in Tamil, people first say the correct answer, after the intervention of anchor either they get confused or delivering a wrong answer.

    Member please analyse it academically and come with your responses.
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    Only due to the lack of thorough preparation, mind wavers. The students or individuals who are fully prepared have full confidence and therefore never resort to the methods of trial and errors in finding a solution to any given problem.
    Many students who appear in multiple choice or objective types of examination, resort to such practices. Because of this reason only, in most of the reputed competitive examinations, a system of negative marking prevails. I know about students, who devise their own ways and means to guess the answers.
    I know one such case personally, in which a student who could not clear the competitive examination revealed on inquiring that though this year it was decided by the coaching classmates that all 'Ds' are to be ticked as an answer in respect of all questions, about which answers are not known, he defied the dictate and ticked 'Cs' instead which led to his failure.
    One cannot cheat others in such matters. At the best, the individual can cheat himself/herself only.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Some people may call me stubborn but I won't change my answer in an exam etc,. In one of my engineering first semester exams, a difficult question was asked. Someone in our class somehow found the answer by cheating and it was passed from one to another. My classmate sitting beside me told me to write that answer. By that time, I wrote my own answer but I didn't change it. After the exam, I came to know that their answer was correct and mine is wrong. I didn't know whether I did right or wrong. When exam results were released, I scored the highest marks in my class and others' marks are way behind me. In my opinion, a student gets confused if he/she didn't prepare well for the exam. Some students cannot study all the syllabus completely no matter how hard they work. Such students should be suggested to prepare some topics perfectly rather than preparing every topic incompletely and imperfectly.

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    We are giving too much work to the mind for unnecessary activities and when it comes to real work and help, we fail to utilize the mind potential to full. Most of us give the mind space for gossiping and having a dig at others and when it comes to remembering points and important notes for the exam,we coolly forget the same for the reasons best known to us. What I suggest that during exams we must keep away from family chorus activities, not attending any gatherings or functions, switch off the phones, no to gossiping and above all totally dedicating to the studies at least on the day of exams. Please remember if you are not sure about the answer, at least write the nearest one to fetch some marks.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Being stubborn is good at examinations. Never strike away the answers. There are many factors that confuse us during exams. The best thing to do is not to get confused and stay with the same answer.

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    Lack of confidence always leads to dilemma. One should have self confidence on themselves and should be bold enough to face the results. Human mind always searches for success and it fails to think and react. That is the reason for the confusion.
    Coming to the academics point of view most of the students live as per the proverb "Be a Roman when you are in Rome" and loses their self talents. If one student says something then the remaining group of students will blindly follow that without thinking. If a student thinks in a different way and stands unique among the crowd then he/she may definitely face success one day. But the students are not much interested in showing their own talents; instead they copy others or follow others and are losing their own potential.

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