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    How many types of 'saris' people are familiar with?

    Recently the media was abuzz about women athletes wearing sari in the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympics. Many lauded the fact that Indians marched in saris though others criticised that the blazers should not have been combined with saris.
    This led me to ponder over the sari which is associated with grace and the ultimate embodiment of Indian culture internationally.
    Anyway, this thread is devoted to the discussion about how many types of 'sari' people are familiar with?
    The following is a list, to begin with -
    1. Chanderi sari – Madhya Pradesh
    2. Kosa silk sari – Chhattisgarh
    3. Kanchipuram sari – Tamil Nadu
    4. Banarasi sari– Uttar Pradesh
    Let us add more.
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    Almost every region in India has its own traditional weave that is transformed into beautiful sarees. Here is a list that immediately comes to mind –

    Sarees from Bengal
    1. Taant
    2. Baluchari
    3. Daccai Jamdani
    4. Kantha work

    1. Bomkai
    2. Ikat
    3. Sambhalpuri

    1. Venkatgiri
    2. Pochampalli
    3. Dharmawaram
    4. Narayanpet
    5. Mangalgiri
    6. Gadwal

    1. Kota
    2. Sanganer
    3. Lehariya
    4. Bhandej

    1. Paithani

    1. Patola

    1. Tussar
    2. Tanchoi
    3. Moorie work saree
    4. Mokesh work saree
    5. Chikan work saree

    1. Kesavu

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    From Tamilnadu":-
    1. Kanchivaram Silk
    2. Arani Silk
    3. Chinnalampattu silk
    4. Kodampakkam sarees (for the old ladies)
    5. Kandangi sarees (for the village folks)
    6. Amma sarees (provided by TN government)

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    Mr Kailash, are you asking about different type of sarees or the way women wear them? There is a lot of difference in how women wear saree across the nation. I think it is not whether it is a kancheepuram or Banarasi saree that makes the the difference, it is all about how you wear it.

    Note: Your thread is not to the point but we are retaining it as we have had a few reasonable responses in hand. Please be cautious, careful and logical while posting threads.

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    Well in each state there are some particular brand of sarees and in this regard I wish to bring the famous sarees from the state of Telangana and AP. Pochampally silk sarees are famous with rich texture and color combination and most of them are available in designer range too. Next comes the Kothakota sarees. These are simple and yet elegant looking for the working women. Dharmavaram sarees are mainly silk texture and preferred during marriage ceremonies and these sarees are heavy. Arani, Chinnalam , Chungudi pattu from Tamil Nadu are mostly nine yards sarees best suited for the elders. But no one can beat the elegant looking of Kanchipuram silk sarees which is great and in pricing too.
    K Mohan
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    Saji (#574481) - The thread is not about the different styles of draping saris as the same in not likely to known much to the male members. However, as far as types of saris are concerned, the same is likely to be known to male members also because of their role in buying the same.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    In India, there are many types of sarees in every state. I am naming some of the most famous and prohibitively costly sarees of Bengal (categories):-

    (a) Dhakai
    (b) Tangail
    (c) Murshiabadi Silk
    (d) Shantipuri
    (e) Dhanekhali
    (f) Kantha stitch

    Out of these, Baluchari is the costliest. The lowest quality of a Baluchari saree would cost my entire salary for two months (gross salary; not take-home salary).

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    According to the Guinness Book of World Record the 'the world's most expensive sari' is priced at Rs. 39,31,627 only. It was made by Chennai Silks and features reproductions of 11 paintings by the celebrated Indian artist Raja Ravi Varma.
    It was worn by Nita Ambani in the wedding ceremony of the son of CEO of Reliance Industries Group Peeramal Nathwani.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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