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    What made you to join ISC?

    Hello ISC members,

    ISC is established nine years back (July 2007) and I don't even know about it until some months back (April 2016). I became a member of ISC because it helped me for my engineering mini project. Some of my friends became members of ISC because I suggested them to. That's my part of the story. So, what made you to become a member of ISC? I mean, did anybody suggested this site to you (or) did you stumble across this site while browsing? Share your joining experience here.

    Responses from any ISC member are appreciated. Responses from senior members/editors are highly appreciated because ISC is not much popular when they joined (2007 - 2010).
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    Very good question! Personally speaking ISC helps me to express my opinion in a social platform, which I generally can't express because I am an incorrigible introvert and I have various other job-related obligations.
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    Krishna, I just stumbled on this site! I looked for the details and found it interesting. The fact that encouraged me to be part of the site was actually the responses from our positive members and editors (at that time). This is a site which allows a lot of freehand and, subject to restrictions, do allow us to be ourselves. I sign off with a wish that all our members remain active here.
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    In March 2011, When I casually asked one of my relative to show me some way to pass my time, he opened up ISC Ask expert section and asked me to respond to a question. I liked the first question and I responded in a befitting manner. Then he himself got me registered by giving his own user ID and a password. Thereafter, when I happened to click the forum button, I could find some treasure in it. As I love to discuss various issues, I liked this section and posted many responses to the threads, and I gained some confidence to post messages. Rest is the history that all ISCians know who is Sun of ISC. ISC encouraged me to write good articles too. I have subscribed more than 50 articles to my credit. I was offered the post of an editor in the same year which I ignored. Many awards, prizes and badges poured in. I am the happiest ISCian though I faced some odd days at ISC.
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    When I was searching for some information on the net, I chanced upon seeing this site. At first site it was a glance, then I started starring at the contents and that inspired me at once. And that stare took me to dig this site further and thus I have become addicted from 10th Oct 2009 when I joined this site. Nearly 7 years are going to be completed and I have seen ups and downs in this site. Previously we were very few members and the interactions were also plenty. Most of my past friends have discontinued for their personal reasons and what made me to stick to this site so far is the simple reason that I get name and fame in a International fora and that too with a decent earnings every month.
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    I searched myself and found it. My retirement was prefixed on 30.04.2015, so I was researching about possible options to continue my love of writing and sharing my experiences of varied nature. I had been a voracious reader throughout my life and even in the preparation of the Government reports, I used to dig deep. I had never been satisfied without reaching up to the root of the subject matter.
    Few of my acquaintances had advised me also to write some book or articles after retirement. I found that ISC is a reasonable platform to begin with.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I was searching for sites to learn and enhance my language skills and to get a better command over english language when I was in class 12th i.e, year 2012 and I found ISC very useful.
    But becuase of my school and college schdule I got very less time on this site and most of my activities are limited to forum responses.

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