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    Winners of TOW for the week 24th July to 30th July’16

    First of all Happy Friendship day to all the ISCians. ISC is a virtual book where your voice is your writing. On this occasion I would like to thank all members for sharing your voices. The first major lesson you all taught that writing is not typing something on the keyboard and post it. There is a famous quote – "To write means more than putting pretty words on a page; The act of writing is to share a part your soul with the world." And you all just did that and taught everyone. ISC expects many more such threads and make forum busy with creative voices. Now it is time to announce the winners of TOW for the week 24th July to 30th July'16.

    And the Winner is Saji Ganesh for his thought provoking thread - A beggar, black tea and an ounce of milk

    It is decided to award special prize each to:
    1. Juana for her thread - Double standards of society
    2. Swagatika Pattanaik for thread - Tolerance:weakness or strength?
    3. gsadhiks for the thread - Quality of Tupperware containers - Is it good for health?
    4. Sushma for her thread - Indians obsessed with complexion

    Members, please join me to congratulate the winners.
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    My heartiest congratulations to Saji Ganesh, the winner of 'TOW for the week 24th July to 30th July 2016' and special prize winners - Juana, Swagatika Pattanaik , gsadhiks and Sushma.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Heartiest congratulations to Mr. Saji Ganesh, the winner of TOW for the week 24th July to 30th July 2016. Congratulations also go to the special prize winners - Mrs. Juana, Ms. Swagatika Pattanaik , Mr. gsadhiks and Ms. Sushma. All the award-winning threads are extremely thought-provoking and should have been discussed in various fora/platforms of the society.
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    My heartiest congratulation to Mr. Saji Ganesh for winning the TOW award and also Juana, Swagatika Pattanaik, gsadhiks and Sushma for getting special prizes in the week 24th to 30th July 2016. I wish you all for more participation and contribution in ISC getting more awards in future. All the best!
    Naresh Kumar
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    Congratulations to Mr. Saji Ganesh on winning the TOW and to Ms. Juana, Ms. Swagatika Pattanaik, Ms. gsadhiks, Ms. sushma on winning the special prizes for the week 24th July to 30th July'16. Hope you contribute more and more to ISC and win more and more awards from ISC.

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    My best wishes and heartiest congratulation to Saji Ganesh for winning the TOW award and my appreciation also goes to Juana, Swagatika Pattanaik, gsadhiks and Sushma for getting special prizes for this time.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Hearty congratulations to the TOW contest winner - Saji Ganesh and other Special prize winners Juana, Sushma, swagatika and gsadiks. Now only I have gone through these threads which are really very good and touchy. Feeling very happy that the Forum threads by the new entrants are really interesting.

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    I am very much happy as My thread has been selected as Thread of the week. I will try for next week to write good threads in forums section to get more award and recognition.

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    Congratulations to the Winner and all the special prize winners for TOW contest of last week.

    Living & Learning- simultaneous processes!

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    Thank you Pranita for selecting my thread for the TOW award and thanks to all who have joined in to extend their good wishes!
    Knowledge is knowing tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in fruit salad - Miles Kington.

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    Congratulations to all the winners of the contest. You have proved your mettle as the most creative contributors of the site. Keep up the good work and keep enlightening us.

    Special congratulations to Saji Ganesh for the outstanding thoughts.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    Congratulations to all the 5 winners of the TOW contest, namely - Saji Ganesh, Juana, Swagatika, gsadhiks and Sushma.
    Patience and perseverance pays

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    Congratulations to all the winners. ISC is doing a good job by announcing the TOW contest prize. Happy to no about it. Congratulations to all....

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    Thank you! This is a surprise. I also noticed that I was given the same award for week 3rd July to 9th July'16, something that I was oblivious of. While, I thank the deciding committee for judging my entry as a winner, I humbly request that an intimation is sent out to the winners, each time an award is declared, so they do not miss the announcement.

    Congratulations to all other winners. Saji, I particularly like your thread ( I just read it).

    Appreciate everyone else's congratulatory notes. Thank you for the lovely gesture.

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    Congratulations to the winner of the TOW Mr. Saji Ganesh, and other special prize winners, Juana, Swagatika, gsadhiks and Sushma.

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