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    Jokes of the day to enjoy

    A man came out of a restaurant and saw a beggar asking two rupess. He asked him whether having any habit of smoking.
    Beggar: No sir
    Man:do you drink alcohol?
    Beggar: No sir
    Man:race or gambling?
    Beggar: No,NO sir
    Man:women relationship?
    Beggar: Never sir
    The man told him ok, I will give you twenty rupees, please come with me to my house. I have to show you to my wife by telling that without having any such bad habits what is a man's position!.
    Patient: Doctor, my tooth is dancing!
    Doctor: To whose tune?
    Friend one:Why the new chapal bits?
    Friend Two:Then if you put your leg on it?
    Teacher:Why the rat has a long tail?
    Student:to lift and throw after beating!
    Friend A: Hey!tomarrow I am going to visit a bride's house. Please come with me!
    Friend B:Donot worry! Then what a friend if not helping a friend when a danger going to come for him!
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    Nice jokes Mr. Ramachandran Pattabiraman. The first one and the last two are hilarious. But, I couldn't get the second and third ones. I wanted to post a similar thread but stopped as I don't know whether we can post jokes or not. These are the jokes I wanted to post.
    1) Three people were put on an isolated island. To escape from there, they are required to swim for 10 kilometers. The first one swam for 6 kilometers, drowned and died. The second one swam for 8 kilometers, drowned and died. The third one swam for 5 kilometers, felt tired and swam back to the island.
    2) A pessimist says "Life cannot get more worse than this" to which an optimist replies "Of course it can. Keep trying".
    3) A person asks "Is Google a he or she" to which another person replies "Definitely a she! Google won't let us complete anything without giving suggestions".

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    I really enjoyed the first joke which is very natural. Some times we come across people who have good name but not matching to their looks. I came across one girl called Aishwarya, but the way she looked wont suit her. And also happened to see a girl with very beautiful face and stunned to know her name as Yellamma ?
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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