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    In spite of several warnings and alerts we are using plastics daily

    There are several warnings by Government and public forums not to use plastic in our day to day usage and its danger have been mentioned clearly. The danger is not only for humans but also for animals which eats the plastic papers/covers alongwith food item in the dustbin. Moreover the plastic items are not getting decayed easily in the soil as of the paper and other items.It arrests the water in the soil also.

    To avoid such danger in our life we should avoid plastic covers etc., by using cloth bags and vessels for bringing items from market or shops. It is the mistake ours only we ourselves addict to use the plastic items in our daily use by saying much more convenient and also by laziness to carry vessels or cloth bags for our purchasing. In earlier days,(in our child hood) we used to carry vessels for bringing sambar from hotel on purchase of food items.They pack the food items in leave and wrapped in papers. Even though they are doing like that the dosa when packed in leaves got smell as they packed the same with heat. Now if we only stop buying food items through plastic by buying the same in vessels only we can stop the plastic disaster otherwise it is a waste by banning or punishing the vendors.

    Unless otherwise we control ourselves or prevent ourselves there is no solution.
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    Plastics are totally man made. It is one of the substances which is not made by the almighty God. Therefore, there is no natural mechanism available for biodegradation of plastics. The microbes which biodegrade the God made natural products like wood, paper, natural fibers used for making cloth etc. are not familiar with plastics and don't know as to how to biodegrade the same.
    With the increase in population, the availability of natural products is getting scarce and hence costlier also. Plastics are easy to synthesise and therefore have become popular. It also possible in the case of synthetic products like plastics to derive desirable properties from the same . The humans have developed many kinds of plastic products through extensive research and development.
    It will be quite revealing to know on introspection as to how many plastic products we are using since getting up in the morning till going to the bed. Almost at each and every step, we are using one plastic product or the other.
    Creation of awareness is likely to prove useful only when people have a will and determination to avoid the use of plastics by taking additional pains. But who cares?

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    It is the fact that usage of plastics has not reduced and in fact it is increased. The law enforcing authorities has not taken the mission very seriously to ban the plastics and when the law introduced, for few days they used raid shops keeping plastic bags and seize them. Over the passage of time the raids has been stopped and the shop keepers are keeping the plastic bags inside a concealed place so that even if raid occurs they wont be caught. I think we have to blame the public here. I have seen many people going to grocery or Kirana stores without even a cloth bag with them. So the shop owners are forced to give them the items in the plastic covers and put all the items in a big plastic bag. I have seen in a company there are no plastic bottles and glass allowed and the workers are seen drinking the water tapped from a plastic bag which is very harmful to the health. What I strongly feel that unless and until the people are strict, such plastic covers would be in use and it cannot be totally banned. Even by closing the units the situation wont come under control.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    No matter how many times boards etc,. are saying not to use plastics, people continue to use plastics. As cloth bags are costly than plastic bags and metal bottles are costly than plastic bottles, many people prefer plastics. There are different types of plastics in which some are harmful when used. Even the types of plastics which are harmless cause problems as plastics take 450 to 1000 years to decompose. In my opinion, this issue can be solved only if using/manufacturing plastics is made illegal.

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    Plastics have become a menace to the world From the time plastics were invented, they have gradually taken over our world and has become a necessary evil. Even though plastics were not around for centuries, Plastics are, at present, in every thing we use in our daily life. As we get up in the morning, the first thing we do, is to brush our teeth with a plastic tooth brush and from there, our life revolves around various things made of plastic Though all the plastic we use, cannot be banned as for now, we can do our best to avoid or minimize the use of plastics, whenever we can. It is estimated that almost half of the plastics used in India goes for packing. Not only the grocery bags we get in plenty from shops constitute to the plastic use but also various commodities, that are packed in plastic containers or packages add to it. I believe that as long as plastics remain non biodegradable the problem would persist and continue to haunt us. Since plastics are cheap, easily available, impermeable to the elements like water and air, saves the contents from invasion of pests and retains freshness of the commodities, industries widely use plastics for packing. Once we consume the contents, we throw the plastic in garbage. Though a part of it is recycled , large quantities end up in garbage dumping grounds, where they are burnt. As it burns it releases an array of toxic and carcinogenic chemicals into the atmosphere, causing inevitable damage to the environment and ecosystem.
    Even if non biodegradable plastics banned, selfish people would succeed in fooling authorities and continue to use it . Even though biodegradable plastics are invented, their high cost of production has restricted their use, therefore research must be done and cheaply available biodegradable plastics must be invented.

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    The very common tendency among us is we never bring any bags while going to market/shopping. We always depend upon the merchants and ask for carry-bags instead of taking while going. To shut this issue government must close all the manufacturing units at first. Only by banning orally will not affect the citizens of this country. As cigarette is banned but not the units; how it will resolve the issue of smoke and pollution?
    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    In simple word due to available easily and cost effective we get acquainted to use plastic. Carrying, transport, storing is much more easy for plastic than paper bag or cloth bag, but yes this our sole responsible to reduce the use, although it is not possible to stop or avoid fully use of plastic in our daily life. But if all people started using their own carry bag ( cloth bag) from home then automatically this problem will get solved. SO it need awareness by NGOS or private organisations as Government can not control this.

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