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    Happiness of getting a member rank less than 50

    Its been about 100 days since I joined ISC. On the day I joined ISC (beginning of my summer holidays), I put one goal which is to become a gold member in two months (before the ending of my summer holidays). Later, I put some more goals due to the interest ISC generated in me.

    Goal 1 : Earn 1000 points.
    Goal 2 : Get a member rank less than 100.
    Goal 3 : Be in the top 10 contributors of a month.
    Goal 4 : Be in the top 5 contributors of a month.
    Goal 5 : Get a member rank less than 50.
    Goal 6 : Post a total of 500 forum responses.
    Goal 7 : Not Yet Reached.
    Goal 8 : Not Yet Reached.
    Goal 9 : Not Yet Reached.
    Goal 10 : Not Yet Reached.

    I reached the 5th goal today. In addition to the happiness I get for reaching half of my goals, I received the 'Star of the Month' award today. I thank ISC for generating interest in me and also for giving me the 'Star of the Month' award. Members can try to guess the other 4 goals for fun.
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    Instead of trying to guess the goals set by the author for himself, I would like to offer my suggestions to set few goals which are as follows -
    1. To complete writing 100th article
    2. To post 500th Ask expert answer
    3. To post 200th question paper
    4. To post 100th forum thread
    5. To achieve a member rank of less than 20
    6. To achieve Diamond Level
    All the best.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Congratulations Krishna. Generally people would look for the following:
    1. Increase in points
    2. Increase in cash credits
    3. Increase in number of awards and cash prizes.
    4. Increase in number of articles, forum posts and forum responses,
    5. Increase in Member level (bronze to silver to gold to diamond to platinum)
    As the number increases, the happiness of member also increases. Our happiness is directly proportional to all the above.
    But the member rank is the one where one looks for reduction in number. As the number reduces the happiness increases. The happiness is inversely proportional to the rank.

    Well done. Keep it up. I would like to see you overtaking me to get into a single figure member rank. All the best.

    No life without Sun ¤

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    Nothing is impossible at ISC. If a member has the zeal and enthusiasm to be consistent and regular, achieving good ranking and even earning some decent income month wise wont be a problem. If the author continues in this pace, surely getting the top 20 members place is nearly possible.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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