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    Let us be true ISC Indian friends on this friendship day with new learning.

    Today being the friendship day, I would like to see all the ISC friends joining and writing in this thread and in my following threads . Learning a language will help us to remain together. Therefore, a good idea struck in my mind to keep us together through our writing and learning.

    We have members from different states of our country speaking different languages. Why not we try and learn very simple words of the Indian languages that would help us to feel a true Indian. We have members from Tamilnadu(Tamil), Kerala (Malayalam), AP(Telugu), Karnataka(Kannada), Maharashtra(Marati), Rajasthan(Rajasthani), UP(Hindi), West Bengal(Bengali), Odissa(Odissi)and Punjab (Punjab). I have quoted almost ten good languages.

    I propose to raise this thread once in a week preferably on Sunday with a title " Let us learn few Indian languages - Day 1. Day 2. Day 3 etc.

    Every thread will have very simple more commonly used English words that are used in our day to day conversation. Each state member should translate it and write the equivalent of the English word/phrase/sentence in their regional language using English alphabets.

    For E.g
    What is your name? My name is Sun (English)
    A Tamil member should respond as below:
    What is your name? My name is Sun . (In Tamil) Vun Peyar Enna? En Peyar Sun
    A Hindi member would respond as below:
    What is your name? My name is Sun . (In Hindi) Aapka Naam Kyaa Hai? Mera Naam Sun Hai.

    If there are too many members from a particular state, members should avoid responding if they find a member has already responded correctly. Others may respond with a change in the members response, if necessary.
    Okay members, Why delay? Let us start our language learning today itself. Watch for my first thread "Let us learn few Indian languages - Day 1"

    @ Members can have their own diary to record the words/phrases/sentences which will be easy for reference and understanding.

    This main thread should be used only to post your views, opinion and comments about language learning. Please do not post anything irrelevant in the language learning threads.

    You are welcome to post your comments here..
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    Nice idea Mr. Sun. I already posted my response (translation into Telugu, my mother tongue) to the first language learning thread.

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    There is no language like Rajasthani as such. It is Hindi only at least in the written form, though dialect is slightly different. However, I think there are members from other states also e.g. from Assam knowing Assamese, from Gujarat knowing Gujarati and from Goa knowing Konkani. Few members know Sanskrit and Urdu languages also.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    To me, My ISC India Map is the authority. Of course, I have a member from Goa who can write in Konkani.

    No life without Sun ¤

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    The essence of particular languages in India is their own pronunciation and talking ability and when it comes to translation in English some words cannot be exact and we can give only the nearest meaning. For example the word Tamil is exactly Tamizh. Like wise in other languages too there may be some words which cannot be told exactly in English. Any way the effort is good and appreciable.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Since we are learning to speak a new language by learning words from here, it won't make any difference. All understands Tamil than Tamizh. We may not learn a language accurately, but to an acceptable limit to communicate with others. We need to polish the language that we learn, with experience.

    No life without Sun ¤

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    I request the learned members to throw more light on the name of the Tamil language. Is it Tamizh or Tamil. In the eighth schedule of the Constitution of India and in almost all official documents, the name of the language is mentioned as Tamil. What are the differences and similarities between the Tamizh and Tamil languages?
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Sun, with reference to your response #574553 - there you go again, refusing to learn! You could check, verify and learn when somebody is pointing out something erroneous. If incorrect information given, then you can say so. Why not try to learn from others instead of constantly conveying that you are the final authority on everything? The thread you are raising is related to learning a language and not to the State in its image form on the map. Do expand your vision & learning horizons instead of getting stuck in a swamp of misinformation and dragging others too into it.

    Also, please change the words in the forum thread's text above which is in all caps to proper sentence case - we've told you earlier too that it is tantamount to yelling.

    Managing Editor,

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    After the grand success of the 'ISC India Map', my suggestion to the author is to consider developing an 'ISC India Languages Map' in which the languages known by various members of the ISC may be mapped. It may prove another feather in the cap of the author.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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