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    Let us learn few Indian Languages - Day 1

    Learning a new language or dialect is always an advantage. One can be more confident while visiting a new place.

    With reference to my Main thread Let us be true ISCian friends. This the first thread 'Let us learn few Indian Languages -Day 1'

    This week's learning word/phrase/sentence:

    1. What is your name?
    2. My name is .............
    3. How are you?
    4. Fine, Thank You

    Members start posting the equivalents in your own language.
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    My mother tongue is Telugu. The Telugu translations are as follows.
    1) What is your name? - Ni peru emiti? (INFORMAL) & Mi peru emiti? (FORMAL)
    2) My name is … - Naa peru …
    3) How are you? - Miru ela unnaru? (FORMAL) & Nuvvu ela unnavu? (INFORMAL)
    4) Fine, Thank you. - Most people don't use this in Telugu. People who use it say it in English itself. Anyway, the literal translation is "Manchidi krutaghyatalu".

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    My mother tongue is Hindi. The Hindi translations of the given sentences are as follows -
    1. What is your name? ('Aap ka kya naam hai?'). Formally, instead of the word 'naam', the phrase 'shubh naam' is used.
    2. My name is .............('Mera naam Kailash Kumar hai.')
    3. How are you? ('Aap kaise hain?' or 'Kaisa chal raha hai?' or 'Aap ka kya hal-chal hai?')
    4. Fine, Thank You ('Sab thik-thak hai, dhanyabad.' or 'Thik hai, dhanayabad.')

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    1. Aapnar/Tomar/Tor naam ki?
    2. Aamar naam Partha Kansabanik.
    3. Aapni kemon achhen? / Tumi kemon achho? / Tui kemon achhis?
    4. Ami bhalo achhi. Dhonnobad.

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    I am from Odisha and my mother tongue is Odia.
    These sentences in Odia:
    1. What is your name?
    • Apananka (for elders) / Tuma (for youngers) Nama Kono?
    2. My name is .............
    • Mo Namo Naresh
    3. How are you?
    • Apana Kemiti Achhanti? (for elders)
    • Tume Kemiti Achha? (for youngers)
    4. Fine, Thank You
    • Bhala, Dhanyabad

    Naresh Kumar
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    Being a Tamizhan I am responding the following in Tamizh

    1. What is your name? Vun peyar enna ?
    2. My name is ............. Yen peyar mogun
    3. How are you? .....Ne eyyapadi irrukay ?
    4. Fine, Thank You ...Sugam, Nandri

    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Apart from Mohan a Tamilian migrated to Andhra Pradesh, I being a native of Tamilnadu, I would put it in Tamil as below:

    1. How are You? Vungal(or) Thangal Peyar Enna? (To the elders with respect) Vun Peyar Enna? (To younger people)
    2. My name is...... Enathu (or) En Peyar .......................
    3. How are You ? Neengal (or) Thaangal Eppadi Irukkireergal (To elders) Nee Eppadi Irukkiraai? (To younger people)
    4. Fine, Thank you? Nanraaga Irukkiren. Nanri.

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    I will give Nagamese (the dialect used in Nagaland) a try.
    1. How are you?......Kinaka ase?
    2.My name is......Amilaga naam...or Ami Saji Ganesh
    3. How are you?.....Thumi (to younger ones) or Apni (to elder ones) Kinaka ase?
    4. Fine, thank you....Bhaal ase or Bhishi bhaal ase. (thank you is not generally used).

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    Saji thanks for bringing out the Nagaland language to this forum. For the first time I am coming across this language and it seems to interesting and aloof.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    My mother tongue kumouni it has no written form but is only use for speaking
    1.What is your name?-tumohro nam ki cha?
    2.My name is - mero nam neelam cha are you? -tum kas cho
    4 fine thank u- me thik chu, puchn khin dhanyawad.

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    I will respond in Kannada
    1. what is your name? - Nimma hesaru enu (for elders) ninna hesaru enu ( for Youngers)
    2. My name is - nanna hesaru ......
    3. How are you? - Heng idira (for elders) and heng idiya ( for Youngers)
    4. Fine Thank u - Chenagi idini, dhanyavada.

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    Very pleased to see the translation from English to few Indian languages, mainly Hindi, Tamil,Telugu,Kannada, Odisha, Bengali , Nagamese and Kumouni.

    Sorry to see No Malayalam and Marathi here. I wish some members from Kerala and Maharashtra to respond to this thread. Even if no member some editor or Web Master from Kerala too can respond, not to leave Malayalam and Marathi blank. Would like to know Punjabi too.

    No life without Sun ¤

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