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    Daughter of US President works in a restaurant during her summer break.

    The title story is doing rounds in the social media. Normally, I never share such stories in the ISC. However, because of its education value, I am not able to resist myself from sharing this particular story.
    Sasha Obama, 15 year old daughter of US President Barack Obama works in a seafood restaurant at Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. She wears the restaurant's uniform of blue T-shirt and cap and her duties include waiting on tables and helping to prepare the restaurant for its lunchtime opening.
    Indian parents can learn a lot about parenting and the value and dignity of labor.
    What are your comments and reactions about the story.
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    Being down to earth person is liked by one and all. By virtue of her father being President of one of the biggest super power in the world, Sasha Obama need not work in a restaurant to earn some pittance for her. But through her action we must gauge the situation that even for the Iconic people positions wont matter when it comes to practicing the reality in life. More over the restaurant owner wont be behaving strict with her and some cushion must have been given to her by virtue of her position being the daughter of the US President. Nevertheless I really liked her attitude to earn on own and not to depend on the money given by the parents. Normally the children of politicians take undue advantage of their iconic position in the society but Shasha seems to be odd girl out. She has clearly proven that nothing is better that self working and that is always fetching. She is surely shown the way to other politicians daughters and sons that they should not misuse the position their parents were enjoying while in power.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Her attitude needs a lot of appreciation. Generally, sons/daughters of politicians use the power of their parents to do their works. But, this girl seems to be different. Her father is one of the most popular persons of the world and she is working in a sea food joint. According to news reports, she is accompanied by six secret service agents. Also, the sea food joint she is working in is the favorite of their family. Whenever the Obama family went for a vacation to that area, they used to eat there. Barack Obama and Michelle Obama must be appreciated for raising their daughter in such a good way.

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    In India generally, it is seen at least in the Bollywood movies that the daughters of even local district officials tend to rule the campus and sometimes play a tyrant much to the discomfort of other students as well as the staff of the school/college/university.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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