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    Doctors find 120 year old Swami fit: First medical check-up for him!

    Devotees were very worried-Swamiji wwas having a head-ache; for the first time in his life. So, they took him to a Salt Lake nursing home. The doctors found him fully fit except his systolic blood pressure on higher side. Incidentally, it has been the first medical check-up for the Swami in his life. The Varanasi-based Swami travels all over India still now. The doctors and nurses have been awe-struck by the Swami's physical and mental agility.

    Swami Sivananda was born on 8th August, 1896 at Behala (now in Kolkata-earlier a small village at the outskirt of Kolkata). In fact, he is about five years older than Japan's Jiroemon Kimura, who now holds the Guinness Record of the oldest living human.

    According to the Swami, the secrets of his extra-ordinary physical and mental health are green chillies with boiled food, daily exercises and the joy of helping others.
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    According to the passport and Aadhaar card of Swami Sivananda his age at 120 though he looks 50 years younger and there is hardly a wrinkle on his cheeks. He performed a 'Sarbangasana' also at the private hospital where he was taken to for a medical check-up. He eats mashed green chilies and boiled food, exercise regularly and believes in the joy of helping others. He performs yoga, pranayama and freehand exercises for two hours daily. The rest of the day he reads, chants and speaks with devotees from any religion.
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    It is really great to know that Swami Sivananda even at his age at 120 though he looks young and even fit without any major ailments so far. This clearly proves that if we do not waste our time on talking, gossiping, thinking more about others, and having a planned food daily, we can life for more years without worries and any health related problems. The researchers must study the behavioral pattern of the swamyji as to when he gets up, what are his routine duties, does he talks to some one during the day, what are all his eating habits and for how many hours he will sleep. These findings will go a long way to have more in depth knowledge about this great man who seems to the oldest surviving person on the earth.
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    I am feeling proud of him because he was born at Behala, where my family resides since 1948 and where I was born. However, the Behala where Swami-ji was born and the Behala where we live now are totally different in every aspect.
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    I am just shocked. Not with the age of 120 years, but with the fact that this is his first health checkup. These days, people are going for health checkups almost every week/month. That's what makes this man amazing. And, why isn't he in the Guinness Book of World Records for the oldest person alive if he is five years older than Japan's Jiroemon Kimura who holds the current record? The medical reports say that he is having high blood pressure, that too only the systolic one (diabolic is a perfect 80). Another shocking fact is that, he agreed to take the required medication but asked the doctors to postpone it for five days. Do you know why? Because, he wants to get rid of the high blood pressure on his own. He doesn't have any education but he speaks perfect English. There's something special with this man.

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