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    Where and how to post photos in ISC?

    I wasn't aware about ISC paying for uploading original photos also and I recently saw the cash prize announcement in which members got payed for posting photos. But I have no Idea how to post photos and on which section of ISC to pursue for getting this information.

    Please answer my query.
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    I too want to know the answer. Every time super contributors awards are given, one of them is for photos. These are my queries.
    1) Where to post photos?
    2) What photos can be posted?
    3) How are points given for photos?
    4) How are cash credits given for photos?
    5) How many photos can be posted in a particular time frame?

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    You can submit photos in 3 sections: School, colleges and My India. In each of these, visit the page where you want to submit the photo and find the link 'Add Photos'. When you click on it, you will be taken to a page where some instructions are provided, then click on' Add Attachments' which will take you to the page that allows you to upload 5 photos at a time. Here, too, before uploading, please read the instructions given.

    1. Submit original photos of your school/college and make money.

    2. Submission of photos - basic guidelines

    3. Check here your submitted photos

    Managing Editor,

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    Like for all posts, there are certain parameters for assigning points & cash credits known to the editors. Suffice it to say, quality of submitted photos is important!

    In case anybody is unable to upload photos in the 3 sections mentioned, it could be due to not having access to those sections (by default from the time of joining & not due to posting permission being removed as such). A request can then be put for the same in a forum thread

    Managing Editor,

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    Can we submit photos greater then 800 pixels. On one side it is mentioned that photo should be clear but at the same time their is a restriction of pixels. What about photos having pixels 2000 to 3000 how to upload them is re sizing them necessary?
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    Neelam Joshi,

    ISC is not really a photo sharing site but we do allow photos to support our posts in various sections. Photos with 2,000 or more pixels can be really heavy and our server cannot handle so much space requirement. Also, when the photos are heavy, it may take too much time for the pages to load. So, we have made a decision to recommend photos of maximum size 800. We may allow bigger pictures if it is absolutely necessary to upload bigger pictures for any specific reason.

    Tony John
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