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    Are questions becoming tougher to crack in the forum and ask expert sections of ISC?

    Of late, I have noticed that the questions being raised in the forum and ask expert sections of the ISC are getting tougher to crack. It has no longer remained a cake walk to just login, pound the keys and walk away smilingly with a basket of earned points.
    I personally take this as a positive development. It indicates that the level or standard of the sections concerned has risen.
    What are your observations in this regard? Do you sometimes find yourself inadequate to respond and skip the question pretending that the same doesn't fall within the realm of your interest?
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    Whether anyone believes it or not, it is very difficult to survive as a member in ISC unless one has some prior knowledge or willing to learn quickly. We have seen many intellectual members joining ISC in recent times. So, it is quite obvious that the questions raised by them will also be tougher.

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    Frankly speaking, I am totally at sea when any computer-related (irrespective of hardware or software) matter is discussed in this platform of ISC. It is almost Latin. Greek, Japanese or Swahili to me. I don't understand even a single sentence. Same thing applies when Members discuss about AdSense-related issues. Otherwise, I can still manage comfortably in this platform.
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    I am not an expert from Ask expert section. Hence , no comments on AE. As I am a regular and active forum member, I would say that the forum posts appear to be tough and tougher, because the members post messages which are not fit for discussion except to appreciate . Earlier too I mentioned that few members are habitual of raising threads with the information they read from newspapers. When there is no good stuff for discussion, the threads will certainly appear as tough or tougher or toughest to respond. I would rather say that the threads are dull and lifeless than tough.

    Members should choose a topic where other members can react. Such topics are really missing in these days.

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    I am poor in general knowledge. So, I don't even open the threads related to them. For example, the recent GD on the GST bill. I will respond to the forum threads based on topics in which I am poor, only if I have time to study about it and respond. From two or three days (after the introduction of new forum template, I think), number of forum threads raised per day and number of forum responses posted per day is decreasing. I don't know about the situation in ask experts section as I didn't open it recently. Anyways, forum threads and ask experts questions becoming tougher is a good sign which indicates the development of ISC. But, if they get very tougher, such threads and questions won't get many responses.

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    Perhaps the easiest is to post congratulatory messages on various threads/announcements made in the forum section from time to time regarding contests results or achieving a milestone type of threads.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    For those who are the natural responder to this forum since his joining and still continuing the forum would remain the same as the replies are given purely on personal experience and out of the knowledge acquired in their life process. For me I am really enjoying the new and interesting threads appearing here and that is really giving me to think twice and respond. One thing is sure this forum has developed a vast and previously we used to give one line or two line answers. But now detailed answers are expected from the members and that in turn force the members to give additional information to the threads raised by others. Some technical threads cannot be given answer on the spot.
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