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Divorce rate is increasing in an alarming rate in India. Do you know what are the common reasons and have any suggestions to reduce the divorce rate? Participate in this discussion and give your valuable comments.
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    What are the reasons for divorce in India?

    Are you looking for the most common reasons for divorce in India? Find out the common reasons for divorce from the opinion of our members.

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    India is a land which follows its own traditional and cultural values. In the earlier days, both husband and wife have made many adjustments and compromises and have lead their life together in the path of success. But in the recent trends, applying for divorce has become a common thing. Even if small problems occur between the couple, then they are immediately applying for divorce. So far the rate of divorce in India is 13 per 1000 marriages. There is lot of divorce petitions piled up in the Indian family courts, but only few are granted by the family courts. In general, the divorce rate is high in the Western countries but after the advent of Westernization in India the rate of divorce is gradually increasing in India from the lower rate. Both arranged marriage and love marriage couples are applying for divorce to mutually break up their relationship.

    What are the reasons for divorce in India? Why divorce rate is increasing in India?

    Share your views on divorce in India.
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    The main reasons listed as grounds for divorce in the law are - adultery, cruelty, desertion, conversion, unsoundness of mind, schizophrenia, virulent and incurable leprosy, venereal disease in communicable form, entering new religious order, presumption of death, non-compliance with a decree of judicial separation and non-compliance with a decree of restitution of conjugal rights etc.
    However, the practically the causes behind the increase in the incidence of divorce cases in India are - women empowerment, lack of commitment, communication gap, family interference, forced marriages, sluggish sex life and physical / mental torture in her husband's family.
    Since the last 10 years, the divorce rate in India is estimated to have risen from 1 in 1000 to 13 per 1000 cases. Some of the bizarre reasons cited in the divorce cases are - 'My husband is not presentable', 'I hate my wife's appearance', 'my mom-in-law gifted me artificial jewellery, I feel cheated', 'I was asked to touch my husband's feet on Karva Chauth, I'm appalled', 'I was living in a bigger house before' etc.

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    Nowadays women are becoming more and more economically independent. As a result, the hopes and aspirations of economically independent women have increased. Moreover, social interaction between men and women have increased. As a result, the cases of divorce have been increasing, mainly in urban areas. At the same time, with the new Domestic Violence Act, 2005, there are many cases (some of which are false and frivolous) relating to domestic violence. Furthermore, there are some divorce cases due to impotence of male or lack of child-bearing of females.
    However, this is an unfortunate phenomenon. We are emulating the not-so-good tradition of western countries in this regard.

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    Most of the reasons these divorce happens is because marriages in india are now being done as a transaction. For example bride chooses groom on the basis of his financial condition. Also if in case of the divorce conditions, bride benefits from alimony. So either way bride benefits in the scenario.Outside conservative parts of india, there is no dowry. So leaving any marriage is beneficial for indian women. Besides that female population being less in number people often ignore the fact that women have more options than men. Divorces are painless for indian women but very expensive for me. So the initiation often is done by women for their own financial benefit. And as the traditional values dying to western culture wave, its obvious that divorce and teen pregnancies will continue to increase in india.

    As the time is changing men in india are trapped in between the conservative values and the western fad of staying single or live in marriage contract for life. This has created a wave among youth to take marriage seriously. Also kids being raised by single father or mother, end up choosing similar lifestyle like their parents life. So this way every 5 years we get to see the deteriorating family structure in India. With women being financially independent and super powerful in terms of biased laws favoring them this condition will continue to affect family structure and the divorce rates.

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    The increase in rate of divorce cases in India is due to misunderstanding of parents, culture, tradition and lifestyle. These things are most important than the couples' internal relationship and understanding. Most of the cases are focusing to the couples; but there are many things and reasons behind it which others don't try to identify. When the case comes to court, both the parties are worried about their child only and don't listen what and why other things also can be basis for this day. Therefore, diverse cases can only be controlled if the couples left free to interact and know each other before marriage. However, it is not happening in India. People here are very conservative and looking for arrange marriage only. In love matter or any other emergency cases the parents don't give adequate time to know them each other fully. Due to which if any internal matter revealed or unfortunate happens among them, they decide to go for diverse due to mental suppress.
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    I beg to differ with the view that westernization is the reason for divorces in India. Divorces happen because of differences between married couples – whatever those differences might be.

    The current rate of divorce, as depicted in this thread, is 1.3%. If sources are to be believed then the divorce rate in India is perhaps the lowest in the world. How many of the divorced couples would be 'westernized' or have had the opportunity to be influenced by an alien culture?

    Divorce is a provision provided, to married couples, in the Indian legal system. The law of the land is not compromised when people opt for divorce. So, why bring in an element to berate something that the law allows?

    People choose to walk out of bad marriages. However, we as a society are not ready to accept this fact. We still look down upon it, as a social evil. The bigger evil, I think, is living in a marriage that kills who you are.

    All women seeking divorce are not after money, just like all men are not womanizers. Let us look at things in the right perspective and not paint everyone with the same brush. Everyone's experience is different – there can be no one reason for divorces happening in India.

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    It is better to adjust with the partner and not to file a divorce for small issues like 'My husband is not presentable', 'I hate my wife's appearance', 'my mom-in-law gifted me artificial jewellery, I feel cheated', 'I was asked to touch my husband's feet on Karva Chauth, I'm appalled', 'I was living in a bigger house before' etc,. In case the adjustment is intolerable, there is nothing wrong in taking divorce. Love marriages are more likely to lead to divorces as many people love by seeing the outer beauty of others. After marriage (love/arranged), if one tries to dominate, the other can't tolerate and this ultimately leads to divorce. And, some husbands/wives are possessive of their wives/husbands and this too may lead to divorces. Now, the divorce rate is 1.3% but it may become 13% in future if people continue taking divorce for small issues.

    I request the editors to correct the first sentence of summary from "Are you looking for the most common reasons for diverce in India?" to "Are you looking for the most common reasons for divorce in India?" as summary generates traffic to a thread (I think).

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