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    Should one always be obedient under all circumstances?

    The children are expected to be obedient to their parents, the students are expected to be obedient to their teachers and the employees are expected to be obedient to their bosses. Any deviance from the set norms is considered indiscipline. The employer organizations develop their well defined conduct rules. Even for the lawmakers i.e. the elected representatives, conduct rules and a disciplinary mechanism exist.
    The obedience of the system or 'follow the instruction' syndrome prevails more predominately in the defense forces. On a lighter note, it is said that the soldiers are expected to jump from a high flying plane even without a parachute if commanded to do so.
    However, nowadays the children and students have started questioning the dictates. They want to know the reasons or logic behind the instructions, in case it appears to them that the same has become irrelevant.
    What are your observations regarding the subject matter? Should one always be obedient under all circumstances?
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    If the circumstances are indisputable and fruitful then obeying is admirable. Otherwise, obeying to acts which are ineffective, risky and bad-mannered are must be deserted.
    'Ragging' is just another term or sense of obeying to seniors or elders without any curiosity. Some teachers do sex with innocent children and called them as obedient student. No one knows the actual matter; but things happen like this. Therefore, being obedient always is not necessary or compulsory. There are many side-effects there. I can remember an incident when I'm in class 9th; one of my class teachers gave a letter to my friend and told him to give that to another madam. In that situation he became obedient, but harshly beaten later.

    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    There is nothing wrong if a student/employee questions a teacher/employer now a days. Because, the teacher/employer are considering whether a rule is being followed or not but not considering whether the purpose behind the rule is being fulfilled or not. For example, many teachers are forcing students to score more and more marks, better and better ranks without fulfilling the purpose of learning the subject. In such cases, a student can question a teacher. In our college, 5 marks are allotted for attendance in every subject to encourage students to attend all classes and study better. Due to some health reasons etc., I lose attendance. Every time, I score about 90% in exams but lose grades due to the 5 marks loss. No one understands the purpose of studying better. Instead, they follow the 5 marks rule. Mr. Naresh Kumar Behera, the incidents you mentioned happen rarely. There is no need to mention such intense incidents.

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    Being obedient is always good. But make sure you are obeying the right person. If you believe something is wrong on the part of the one who expects obedience from you, it should be your prerogative to question it.

    But, questioning something just for the sake of it should not be encouraged. Expect your children to obedient, but do remember to give them their own space. If not, there is bound to be a mutiny of sorts. Same goes for the employees and students.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    By being obedient we portray our best character to the others and that no only introduces us with great interest and people would surely be talking about you. Obedient always brings pleasantness and smile on our face and that is always a advantage when talking to a serious and new people. By obedient one must understand the laid down rules in full and follow the same. Best are the those who not only follow and practice the rules and also makes others to understand the importance of being obedient. When you take history even Gods were obedient to their Gurus, not because of their age but because of the stature as the teacher and preacher.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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