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    Why do Indian men prefer to marry fair skin girls?

    The skin complexion varies from person to person. From the marriage perspective, one cannot do anything with the skin complexion, only character plays a major role. But many Indian men prefer to marry a modern girl with a complexion of fair or wheatish brown. Not all the men are same, there are men whose partner preference are considerable, but on an average many Indian guys prefer to marry fair women and hence many girls who are not-so fair are getting rejected at marriage proposals. In some cases the family members of the guy is also demanding for a fair girl than the guy who is going to marry. I am not blaming the entire Indian men, I also accept that girls who expect their bridegroom to be fairer also exist in India, but compared to Indian women more Indian men are concerned about the skin complexion of their partner. By looking at the external appearance of a person, one cannot decide the beauty of a person. The real beauty of a person lies in the heart not in the skin tone.

    I personally have seen many guys preferring to marry a modern girl with fair skin. This mindset of men on the skin complexion of a bride is totally disgusting.

    Why do Indian men prefer to marry fair skinned girls?

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    Last month on 26 July only, the following thread was raised in the forum. My comments are posted in the said thread.
    Indians obsessed with complexion

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Let me answer the question frankly. Although India is geographically and ethnically very diverse, a majority of the people are comparatively dark-skinned (at least compared to the people of western countries). It is true that Indians have an illogical preference for fair-skinned people. It is true both for males and females. Indian males prefer fair-skinned females. Similarly, Indian women also prefer fair-skinned male, although their preferences are not clearly stated. So, both Indian males and Indian females are equally guilty of this phenomenon, i.e., preference for fair-skinned partner.
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    I just came across an interesting quote of Chanakya "You may fall in love with the beauty of someone, but remember that finally you have to live with the character, not the beauty."
    More Quotes by Chanakya on Life, are:
    "Honest relations are just like water. No color, no shape, no space but still very important for life. "
    "Makeup doesn't make you prettier. Money doesn't make you richer. Because real wealth and real beauty depends on how you value yourself."
    "Love is not between a beautiful girl and a handsome boy... love is between two real hearts."

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    Well for a person getting married is the once in life time opportunity and thus they would like to have good looking, charming and fair skin wife so that she remain the attraction for him , his family, his relatives and his friends. There is a notion among the elders that if the wife is having fair skin and she is good looking , surely the children being delivered by her would be also good and beautiful and thus they want to carry on the legacy of good looking to next level.
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    Before I post my answer, I would like you to read and enjoy the fun in selecting a bride of my choice. I was successful in getting a life partner at eighteen. Just CLICK here to enjoy the fun.

    Do you know that people are more interested in the name of a bride or bridegroom despite their colour complexion? Both the sexes expect modern names for their spouses. Many girls and boys reject the proposal on hearing the unfitting names without seeing their pretty/handsome/beautiful photograph.

    All the fair skinned girls are not beautiful, and all the dark skinned girls are not ugly. There are most beautiful dark complexioned girls who are pretty good than the fair skinned ladies. And there are most ugly girls who have extremely fair skin.

    Finally, to be satisfied, marriage is fixed in the heaven.

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    90% of men prefer fair skinned women. Similarly, 90% of women prefer fair skinned men. But, a man's preference is considered whereas women's preference is not in most cases. Two of my female classmates were married, one when she was 18 and one when she was 20. They didn't marry because of love etc,. They married just because their parents told them to marry. Both men were dark skinned etc,. They would have preferred fair skinned men but their preference is not considered. For a man, preference is considered as Mr. Sun's thread says. If everyone realizes that even a hero/heroine stays handsome/beautiful only for some years, they can marry the boy/girl based on his/her character.

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    I enjoyed your writing. Apart from fun, the reasons which you have mentioned are absolutely true and those are the common reasons said by a guy while rejecting a girl.

    In the modern world, the mindset of youngsters on marriage varies and their expectation on selecting a perfect match for them is high and so they are coming up with new reasons for rejecting a proposal. You have mentioned correctly, in olden days people don't give much importance to names but now people expect their partner's to have a modern name. Because of the modern rejection reasons, finding a partner has become very difficult nowadays.

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    Madam, a small correction not only men but girls also not exempted here in this aspect. A daughter of my friend,who is working in an organisation, denied the alliances came for her by pointing our the complex less than hers. My friend,her father also, accepted as the mother also supported the girl. But to their shock the girl got married herself to a guy (later informed the parents,however as the marriage was over, they agreed)but the pity is the guy is poor in skin color than the boys took by the parents. Of course many youngsters are not seeing the points other than skin complex but our elders in those days considering everything before fixing an alliance, so the marriage was lost longing but now everything in the short spell.

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