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    Missing name "Sultan" in our Rio Olympic wrestling team.

    Note - "This thread is posted just for lighter note, members too are requested not to take it seriously and post their interesting response".

    A wrestler who won the 2010 Commonwealth Game Gold at New Delhi, Asian Games gold at China, World Wrestling championship in 2011, above all, Gold at London Olympic 2012 (As per it shown in the movie "Sultan"). How can his name get missed at Rio Olympic? How would you react if he gets available at RIO Olympic and won the much awaited Gold for us?

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    The Sultan (Salman Khan) was appointed as the Goodwill ambassador of Rio Olympics which had stirred a lot of controversies. However, I could not keep track as to what happened later. Subsequently, legendary Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar and ace Indian shooter Abhinav Bindra were also announced as the Goodwill ambassadors. Will any member be kind enough to post the updates as to who finally became the Goodwill ambassador of Rio Olympics and whether they visited Rio or not?
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    Well in the movies they keep the fictitious names to draw attention and to do justice to the character and there fore we should not attach much to the movies names and their characters as regards to Olympics.
    K Mohan
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    Mr. Mohan, I think you have missed to read my first sentence of this thread. I have already mentioned that this thread has been posted for lighter note.
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    #574643 : There are four Indian Goodwill Ambassadors - Sachin Tendulkar, Abhinav Bindra, Salman Khan, A R Rahman. When Salman Khan was announced as a Goodwill Ambassador, many people criticized. In an interview, Salman Khan said that ''Some people are thinking that a person with court cases should not be appointed as a Goodwill Ambassador but can a person with court cases be appointed as a political leader? Is Olympics important than Country? The country is important for me and I will leave the ambassador post if politicians with court cases leave their posts." I don't like Salman Khan because of the offensive comments etc,. he frequently makes. But this particular comment has a good point. If not for his comment, I would not have posted this response.

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    The low-intellect bundle of muscles middle-aged man-child is most probably busy in planning to shoot some barasinga or chital. May be he is discussing the issue of his drunken driving with his shrewd lawyer. Does he have time to think about Rio Olymics?
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