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    Why some people wont call us inside the house and prefer to talk at the gate itself ?

    When you walk down the colony for a grocery shop or for just having a evening walk, surely the known people and acquaintances in the colony would wish you and even inquire at you. But I have often found that when ladies try to have conversation with them, they tend to stand up at the gate and wont even ask the passerby to get inside but keep on talking for minutes together. Have you every watched this happening. When they want information about others, at least they must have the courtesy to call inside and offer glass of water. What do you say ?
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    Yes, I've seen such type of people in my society. In fact, I never thought about them and their behaviour / attitude; why they don't ask for a step in to their house or a cup of tea, etc. What I think is; it is a kind of manner, which they never learned from their parents and the same behaviour and attitude reflects into their children and to next generation. People when used to stay in metros and start working in MNCs learn some etiquettes after meeting and going to their friends house and attending parties etc. Educated / working ladies immediately learn this type of small protocols, which uneducated / complete unspoken ladies learn it very lately. I usually ask everyone like paper boys / meter readers / internet agents to sit while billing and payment. My internet bill collector never come and sit inside, even I've asked for 2-3 times as I needs 5-10 minutes to watch the bill and make the payments.
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    Such ladies kill two birds with one stone or achieve both the worlds simultaneously. After remaining confined within the precinct of the house most of the time , they venture out for a change. The same is the case with the other lady also. In case, they invite the neighbor or the acquaintance inside the house, then the charm of outdoor will be lost. Therefore talking at the gate serves the purpose. Both of them know very well that the conversation is very casual in nature and intended for just killing the time without any specific purpose or objective.
    However, in the case of actually important matters, they do invite the visitor and offer not only a glass of water but tea/coffee etc. also, in case so required.
    Gradually the trend is changing. Nowadays the working women who go outdoor for work, find no time to indulge in such a luxury.
    Gossiping has always been a time tested method to pass the time. In the absence, of any real scenario worth discussions and deliberation, the ladies invent any phoney scenario to continue their conversation.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    It is not always ideal to take a lady inside home and discuss casual issues. Also it is very dangerous if a lady takes in another lady into her flat. Ladies are vulnerable to comments and criticism. It is a gossip between the ladies to pass time while their family members are out to work and school. The room and kitchen inside must be in a mess that the house lady won't like it to be seen by another lady. Moreover, ladies may not like to make more and more friendly ladies. It is better to be reserved and have less number of friends. Let the house not become a Chat house in that apartment.

    Just a hello saying friendship up to the entrance to the house. Good friendship up to the drawing room. Better friendship up to the kitchen. Best friendship up to the Bed Room.

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    I think this is done not only by ladies but also by some gents too. In my opinion, that behavior is inherited from the parents. Every child learns from his/her parents. All such people cannot be blamed because they may belong to the category of people who don't prefer to be with other people. As far as I know, it is a medical condition but not a bad character.

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    That should be something that has been learned from the parents. In many ways than one, it is better - I would say. There are some people who tend to invade your privacy without even thinking. Once permitted to enter your house or flat, they make it a point to come inside even without invitation at odd moments.

    I do have a prime example of a person who indulges in such a practice. He used to come to my place and sit for hours together without any apparent need. You would not be able to say anything because you would not want to spoil the relationship.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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