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    When your children are pampered at your home, then how will you tame your child eslsewhere ?

    For the parents who bear a child after much delay after marriage, their love and affection on the first child would be more and cannot be discounted. In that process they tend to pamper all the way and give best things to the child. In the home the child is given much freedom to tear, play shabbily, break things and tease elders, and yet the child would get all attention and the elders just admire the child for all his nakras. And that child would insists same kind of behavior at other homes too which they may not like. In that case how would you tame your child.?
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    Before puberty the children must be controlled and cultivated. Otherwise, there will be enormous chances of ruination. The best way to tame a child is 5-10 years. In this age group a child starts learning, begin schooling, etc. the burden (home work) starts at the age of 5 years to a child. It is the peak time for child to disciplined and cultivated. If you didn't take any step in these years, and left carelessly, you'll sure suffer after that. Nowadays, children became mature at the age of 12/13; so before acquainted to negative gen the parents must keep them watching for everything. If the parents provide everything as per the child's need, then it's their duty to teach the proper handling of those products too. If this is not done by the parents, then nothing they can do for their child later.
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    The children are perhaps the best gift the God has given to the mankind. Those who have children are the blessed one. However, people don't realize that the same child has the potential to make or mar their life in future. Such parents who fail to raise their children properly, make their own life miserable and nothing is left except to repent and regret. Such scenarios are irreversible and nothing can be done at a later stage.
    The parents become overwhelmed and literally blind in showering the love and affection and spoil the child's future due their own lack of vision.
    Unfortunately, such cases are seen more in the society compared to those cases in which the children are properly raised and made amenable to discipline.
    Incidentally, the parents don't want others to offer them advice. They generally start disliking the individuals who tend to offer advice as to how to raise a child.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I believe that pampering a child will only spoil it. Children need their parents attention, love and care for their proper growth and well being but over doing it will effect the child in a negative way. It is quite normal that parents love their children so much that they do everything in their reach to keep their children happy. Children are some times stubborn, disobedient and misbehave, throw tantrums and even try to hurt others or become unmanageable, it is the parents duty to decipline them, tackle the situations in such a way that, the child is not hurt or suppressed but, thought the simple values of life. Such children seldom misbehave and grow up into responsible individuals who understand the pain and troubles, their parents went through, while raising them. and love their parents dearly. But some parents pamper their child, show more affection than required, find fault with others and let the child do whatever it feels like or even give in to the pressure of the situation and fulfill the child's demands. They believe that the child may start to hate them if they don't satisfy the child's needs. Their over pampering will not only make the matters worse but spoil the child. Such children grow up into selfish and cruel individuals who view their parents like a machine to fulfill their needs. They may not show respect, love or care for their ageing parents and may not even hesitate to kick them out of their homes .

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    Pampering a child should not be encouraged. It is okay for children below 10 years of age but not for the children above 10 yeas of age. Parents should guide their children properly by teaching good manners etc,. We all know what happens to most of the children if they are given bikes etc,. by their parents. A parent must keep track of what his/her child is doing (not like a detective though) and put him/her in the right track. Even if the child is pampered till now, it is better to teach him/her what to do and what not to do in front of others.

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