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    If you’re guardian of a dull student; how you react with the child?

    Are you a father or mother or parent of a dull student? Is your child facing lot of problems in study? Are you listening complains about your child frequently? Your child is not listening to you at all! How do you react with your child in this situation? What steps you're taking to escalate your child's education and how you cooperate alongside? There are several questions that arouse for parents when their children are very poor in studies. Some parents are harshly beating their children to pickup in studies; some uses personal tutor as they don't have sufficient time or any other option; some parents try to teach personally but the child enable to memorize; like this there are many problems are there among parents. If you're facing or have faced such issues, please put your valuable notes here.
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    It will depend on many factors, perhaps the most important being the age of the child i.e. at what stage a decision is taken to achieve improvement in the child. In the case of a child at primary level, the scenario is obviously going to be different than what it will be when the child is grown up i.e. studying at the secondary level.

    However, making sincere efforts are likely to yield some positive results at any stage. In my opinion, only parents can bring about the turnaround. Even a guardian is not likely to achieve much.
    It has to be clearly understood that the syllabus is established in a structured manner and progress is made stepwise only. In case the child is at the primary level, it is very much possible to do reverse engineering i.e. buying the books of all previous classes and teaching the child afresh at home starting from the beginning.

    This approach can be adopted at any stage, though the backlog will be more in case the child has reached higher classes. The parents will have to set their priorities and devote due time in bringing up improvements in the child.

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    Well dealing with a dull child is certainly a big task for every parent and guardian. In every class there are bright and dull students and the teachers are taking less interest on dull students as they do not want to waste time on those who cannot listen, read and write and thus they are branded as dull student. Just console the child that he has the potential to become great. Only thing that he is having the fear factor of being dull and being less cared than other child. Identify his problems. Some children may not be able to listen the teachers saying fast lesson. Some may not have proper way to see the black board or some vision problem. Some may have the inner insecure feeling of not being cared personally by the teacher. Some children want to sit with a particular child so that he feels comfortable and learns more. All these small ego problems of the child must be attended and sorted out. Surely a better solution can be found.
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    Being a parent or a teacher of a child who takes time learning, may look like a challenge. The real challenge is in accepting that challenge and in working towards success. Children, I believe, can be moulded. What they need is someone who can understand and inspire them. Adults often get stuck between goals and lose out on the actual journey of nurturing the child. Adults should remember that there is more to life than the child learning to do something within a certain span of time.

    1. I would be patient with the child
    2. I would not scare the child with my temper
    3. I would ensure the child is comfortable around me
    4. I would spend more time with the child so knowledge could be properly imparted
    5. I would make the effort and make lessons fun and interesting
    6. I would use innovative ways to teach
    7. Storytelling, art and crafts and other similar projects would be the basis round which the teaching would revolve
    8. I would turn to everyday things to enforce those lessons
    9. I would repeat lesson a hundred times and practice along with the child
    10. I would ask questions, but more importantly, I would answer questions
    11. I would encourage the child to explore, make errors and bloom
    12. My lessons would be 'bite size' pieces that the child could 'digest'

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    I agree with all points mentioned by Ms. Juana in her response #574691. But, why is everyone focusing only on studies? Does only studies make a person successful? There are some students who can't study no matter how much hard work they do. There are some students who can score good marks and ranks even if they don't study. A student may have a talent other than studies. I am going to mention the example everyone of us know. What would have happened if Sachin Tendulkar's parents asked him to become a musician and A R Rahman's parents asked him to become a cricketer? So, parents should know the talent of their child and guide him/her in a way he/she will be successful. On the other hand, the students who have the capability to study but won't due to laziness etc,. must be punished.

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    Very crudely put, the children are to be grown like a tender plant in a nursery (home) under the supervision of experienced gardeners (parents) unlike a weed or wild plant which is left to grow on its own facing the vagaries of nature. The constant and regular supervision enable the gardener to take appropriate action of watering the plant or add supplementary manure/nutrients or pesticides as and when required.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Handling a dull child will definitely a tough task for the parent. Well, the parent can get disturbed, but beating up or reprimanding them will not do anything good because the child is not doing it intentionally. The Hindi Film "Taarey Zameen Par" could be a good case in point.

    The parent needs to understand the difficulties that the child could be facing. If you are forcing the child to do something he/she is not able to, the child is bound to lose confidence further. You need to be cool headed while handling such situations.

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