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    Why shall I pay tax to government? What if I’ll not pay the taxes?

    It is about a common man who neither uses govt property nor he serves for the government; then why shall he pay the taxes to government. What types of taxes are applicable to common people in India? If an ordinary man came from a village to a city and used to stay and make his money through a small business, he has to pass through by paying several taxes there. He never paid direct taxes during his staying in village. This is because, in village he has his own house, make own vegetables in his garden, gets free water, free education, free electricity and free cooking gas. However, now at city; when he is trying to survive he need to pay everything. He is asking this question – "Why shall I pay tax to government? What if I'll not pay the taxes?"
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    Right now, I don't remember the full details but the farmers are also required to pay land revenue in respect of their land holdings which is also a form of levy or tax charged by the Government. There is exemption only in the case of the income tax on the agricultural income. In fact, it is likely to be very cumbersome to calculate the cost incurred by the farmer and thus net income generated by them. Therefore levying a tax on the basis of their land holdings is a better option.
    Moreover, even in the rural areas, LPG or electricity is not free until and unless it is stolen. The farmers pay indirect taxes while buying any commodity, be it the seeds or fertilizers or pesticides. They have to incur expenditure on irrigation and hiring/buying machinery and equipment. The road on which people drive/travel has to be constructed/maintained for which contribution in the form of paying taxes is required. The same is the case for availing healthcare and educational services also.
    A lot of expenditure is required for maintaining the security of the nation and law and order. Expenditure on all such heads has to be met by the taxpayers only.

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    It is the expressed duty of every citizen In India to pay their taxes regularly. The fabric of the government is woven by collecting taxes and spending it wisely through various departments and what ever tax due against every Individual must be paid and cleared. Otherwise the government can seize the properties and auction the same to recover their money. In Hyderabad so many property tax defaulters were first punished by piling up garbage in front of the shops and establishments, and then cutting the electric lines and then coming to the last resort of auctioning the over due property tax recovery from them. That way the government has the right to harass the citizens and there is no other way for any respite. Moreover paying tax timely would be a pittance amount for any individual. If we go on postponing the tax payment, the amount would multiply and it shows as big amount arrears. So paying taxes is the Individual duty and that should not be postponed for any reason what so ever.
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    The citizens of India are all using the infrastructure provided by the Government. From the time we wake up to the time we go to bed we are using this infrastructure like roads, electricity, potable water, transport, cooking gas. In each and every activity, we will be using them which are provided from the money which we pay as taxes. Every citizen has to pay the taxes due to the Government. We are living in a society but not all by ourselves. The Government will provide all the necessary facilities with the money paid by us.
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    Simply speaking, we must pay tax for the security and services provided by the nation-state where we live. If the Government does not perform its duty, in Indian context, the citizens can file Writ petitions like Habeus Corpus, Mandamus, Quo-warranto, Prohibition and Certiorari.
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    All the middle class people are paying tax properly and the money they have is being decreased. Most of the rich people are not paying tax properly and the money they have is being increased. A middle class person will be punished if he/she doesn't pay tax properly and this is not the case for rich people. So, anyone should pay tax for their safety and for using the roads etc,. constructed by government.

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