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    Do you believe in astrology? Share any experience of success/failure after an astrologer’ prediction

    This is a real story of an astrologer. I believe in astrology deeply since my childhood. My parents always take timely suggestions from the astrologers for every event of ours. There was an astrologer in my town, whom I heartily belief and respect due to his accurate calculation of stars and planets. However, he is very egoistic in nature and never allows low-caste people who came for asking any queries. I really felt distressing, when one of friends went to his house and he mistreated my friend by asking his caste. This incident was still printed in my mind, which will surely not omit at any chance.

    On his son's marriage, the astrologer invited me and gave invitation card. I attended and pleased with his treatment. After 15 days, surprisingly I heard that his son divorced his wife due to some reasons. I was really surprised with this; how a famous astrologer couldn't calculate properly his own son's Kundli and the relation went to divorce within two weeks.

    I realized then; the astrologers are too human being, not any God. God even make mistakes sometime, he is simply a human being with some extra knowledge.

    How you react with this story? Do you have any such stories about astrology and prediction; please mention.
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    I don't believe in astrologers though sometimes what they say comes true but not every time. When I was born My great grand mother was alive and see treated me as I was the first born child to her grandson, but then as a lady of old thinking she got tensed what will be the future of my father and called an astrologer who when looked at me said that after this girl their will be 5 more girl born in this house and then a boy being born who will be very intelligent in studies in this house which made her more tensed for some time, but then she didn't believed him and told all the family member to forgot about the astrologer and nothing bad will ever happen to her grandson and her family then she forgot this thing and loved me very much she died when I was 9 months old .
    But all the things that astrologer said proved to be wrong because 2 years after my brother came to this world. He said I will have 5 sisters but I don't have any sisters at all but one thing he said is true my brother is really intelligent he never has got percentage below 90% throughout his school life and still his marks are same.
    Still all the members of my family laugh whenever they discuss about that astrologer.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    A real astrologer's prediction are most likely to be correct. Now a days, the number of fake astrologers is increasing rapidly. I remember a funny story related to this context. An astrologer predicts 'Event A will happen' and 'Event B will not happen' to a couple. After some days, the couple tell him that both his predictions turned out to be wrong. Then, he opens a book in which it is written that 'Event A will not happen' and 'Event B will happen'. Here, the fact is that astrologer notes the opposite of his predictions in the book. People won't ask if the predictions are true and people will see the book if the predictions are false. There are hundreds of fake astrologers but only tens of real astrologer. You may be thinking that I completely believe in astrologers. I don't believe and I don't disbelieve them either. Some years back, I went to an astrologer. He saw my hand and my birth details like star, zodiac sign etc,. After a week, he sent a small booklet filled with his predictions. I found 30 of his 35 predictions correct. I am shocked. Later, I went to another astrologer and most of his predictions were wrong. I suggest you to search 'your_birth_date personality' in google to get 90% accurate prediction.

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    In the absence of convincing scientific logic, I personally don't believe in astrological predictions, though I do participate in certain exercises as a family member. It is totally a matter of one's faith and belief.
    Most of the astrologers are basically smart people who accumulate large database about the human behaviours and few clever among them succeed in portraying themselves as if they have some mysterious powers.
    It is also a matter of one's state of affairs. The people who have strong self-confidence by virtue of their knowledge and experience generally don't fall prey to the blind beliefs and predictions.
    Generally, when something important is at stake, the people's confidence wavers and therefore they tend to seek solace in any kind of support including the astrological predictions.
    We can find more fortune tellers near courts than at other places. Many students who don't study seriously throughout the year visit astrologers to know if they will be able to pass the examination or not.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Well, I do believe in astrology. I believe that the stars tend to influence your lives. But when it comes to the astrologers, one should not forget that they too are humans.

    The correct predictions depend on how well the particular astrologer is able to interpret the movement of stars. That would need tremendous knowledge. Being an abstract science (if I can call it so), astrology is quite hard to master. I have seen a few astrologers who seem to provide very accurate predictions. I have had the experience.

    However, most of the current breed of astrologers have made a business out of it. They make use of the so called software for predicting the future.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    Astrology is the science of true predictions provided one studies the planetary moments of different stars on that particular day. There are half known astrologers who were habituated in predicting good things by seeing the major planet moments. At the same time some bad planets also takes position which was not seen or ignored by the astrologer. What I presume and understand from my life that, If I am happy today, I must be ready for a sad or sorrow moment tomorrow. That is the way our life has been designed and moved. Likewise if a bad period is experienced for today, tomorrow would be a great day to remember and cherish.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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