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    I want to add my educational details in my profile but what to do when college is not listed in ISC?

    I tried to complete my profile by trying to find my college, but I didn't find it in Uttrakhand technical university list of ISC. And I can't add college since it shows restricted access.
    What should I do?
    how can I add my college?
    When a member become eligible to add schools and colleges in ISC?
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    Ask permission from admin to post your college details in ISC.
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    You fill the details of the college in your profile and also raise a separate post of your colleges and its details for inclusion in the college list. Surely the college will be listed and approved.
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    If you want to add your college to the college database of ISC and you do not have permission, ask for the permission in this thread or a separate thread (recommended). For some members, it is shown 'restricted access' and for others, it is accessible. For me, there is no restricted access and I don't know why. But, I think the restricted access is shown for members joined at a particular date. After I posted my college, it was approved. When I tried to add my name, it didn't work. Anyway, refer this and this threads I raised about posting a college and adding my name to it.

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    Please post the details of the college in this thread and if it is not in the ISC's database, it will be added by some editor on your behalf.

    This precaution is taken so as not to burden the ISC's databse with duplicates. Hope it suffices your query.

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    My colleges name is Seemant Institute of pithoragarh located ib pithoragarh district of uttrakhand it was established in year 2011 it is a constituent college of uttrakhand technical university, and two batches has been passed out till now.
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    Neelam (#574752) - You may study the format used in case of other colleges in respect of information is already displayed in the ISC resources. The format generally requires information under the headings - College Name, Address, City, State, Phone Number, Email, Official Website, University and Courses etc. Such information in respect of your college may be compiled and submitted in the form of a new thread with a request to the editors to post the same.
    However, based on my own experience, I would suggest that prior to submitting the information a thorough search should be carried out to ensure that the name of the college is actually not existing in the database.

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