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    Inferiority complex among teenagers- the hidden aspect and how serious is the problem

    Complex, a word that sounds very small but have huge impact on our lives. The word more commonly used for this attitude is inferiority complex. Teenagers especially face serious problems because of inferiority complex as they don't know how to handle it and as they grow up they become experts in believing that sadness within them is because of these complex.
    These complexes lead to depression also mostly they are because of being fat, being too much skinny, having dark complexion and thus these children are bullied by everyone in classroom Even parents are unable to recognize such things going inside the mind of their children.
    But only such teenagers know how this complex has been beleaguering their entire childhood. People got to know about such complexes when this problem lead to very dangerous consequences as shown in television programs like Ghumrah- End of innocence, Savdhan India, and Crime Patrol.
    Most of the teenagers cope up with this problem so it doesn't seem like a very serious problem to anyone but if we go through the cases where many children becomes criminal because of such cases we will find numerous cases. There are numerous cases where in rage one teenager attacked because other teenager who used to bully him/her over complexion, size of body. Sometimes even for being a bookworm children are bullied.
    Using phrases like mota, haddi(for skinny), kalu are very common in any school classroom by children, and no one ever notices these things till it leads to something very serious or harmful consequences.
    Why is there such behavior among the children that they can't tolerate a different child among them?
    All the people are thinking how our society is intolerant or has become intolerant? But if you start digging the roots of any problem every problem seems related to the intolerance that starts from schools and colleges.
    How this mentality builds up within the mind of a child to see another child as different or in a way that the other child is some kind of alien?
    What will you do if you meet any child going through such complexes?
    And how do you react when you see any child being bullied by others near schools,streets and playgrounds? Have you ever interfered in the matters of these children? Or you just ignore these things thinking them as it is not a big deal?
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    We can't say this is a complete issue of complex. I believe all these depend upon their mindset and thinking. If a student is hideous or having any deficit in it, they must not take this is as a complex, they shouldn't feel as inferior due to this. Indeed, the student has to show his/her talent in studies/sport/any other activities so that others won't found his as a matter of intricacy. The students must forget about him and concentrate on studies; and never make this as a weakness or worried about it. There are many of my friends (girls also), those neither are nor fair and well looking, but happy due to their education and good partners. If a person is good in everything, then why s/he is cursing about complexity I don't understand. People surrounded by us, will always look their inner quality. I know when boys do follow good looking girls in their class, and fails after some years of affairs; this is due to their lack of knowledge about the girls. They don't know all good looking girls are well in character. Such things are not common but it happens with many people. Hence, complexity is not a issue.
    Naresh Kumar
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    If a new student joins the class, surely there going to be acceptance and non acceptance by certain students. Every one is not having fair complexion and every one is not talented. What ever we are , we must portray the same and earn the respects of others. It is natural that some trouble makers would have field day by having rave remarks against others and that even becomes a standard nick name in the school and college. Being student one must take these things in lighter vein as only friends can do such jokes on us. Having said this , please note that once you become senior, you will also have the chance to tease or rag others. So take it easy and move with the students as friends.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    In the given context the proverb - 'I had no shoes and complained until I met a man who had no feet', automatically comes to the mind. The individuals who are blessed by the God to have their limbs, eyes and other sensory organs intact and functional, should be thankful to the God and should never mind their darker complexion or height or weight.
    It is primarily the responsibility of the parents to raise their children properly and impart right values to them. Parenting is a daunting task and cannot be delegated to others. The shortcomings, if any, in the physical body can always be compensated by excelling in other fields. If a student with a dark complexion become topper of the class, then the attitude of the fellow students is likely to be different.
    Physical attributes are God given and should never be regretted about. The children should be explained well by their parents about such matters.
    In case raised properly by taking due care of proper diet, providing necessary guidance and counselling, the children are less likely to develop any type of inferiority complex.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Well students mostly faces these incidence once in his or her life but what I think is that it is the role of the parents upbringing that his or her son or daughter should be so strong from inside that nobody can make them sad or fell inferior in front of other students, actually they should take all this in sport, they should listen all this from one ear and let them pass away from another ear. I think the only thing which the student should do is learning and nothing other than that. Because other thing doesn't matter much if the student don't take things in their mind or heart but if they take, we know what will happen or what the result will come out.
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    As you said, parents may not completely know what's going on in their child's mind. So, it is on the child to face such comments etc,. But, how to face them? I have a simple tip. To explain it, I am taking myself as an example. I am too fat. When I joined engineering, many classmates used to call me fatty etc,. Do you know what I did? I didn't care and I even responded to 'fatty' in the same way I respond to my name 'kt (shortcut for krishna teja)'. After some days, they stopped bothering me. There's another fat guy in our class. He gets irritated when anyone calls him fatty etc,. He even hurts the people who does that but they won't stop. They call him 'fatty' and run so that he can't outrun them. In that age, many students may try to mock other students by calling them short, tall, thin, fat. But if the student ignores it, he/she can be happy.

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    Inferiority complex in teenagers are coming from the childhood hesitation. In many houses, when visitors are coming the parents are hiding their children or asking them to sit in the room in the sense of not wasting time before the visitors and instead they would concentrate in the studies. But in some houses I am seeing the elders are asking the children to give water/tea/coffee through her hands and make them to talk with them by introducing and telling the relationship etc., If we parents or elders of the family makes them to mingle with the visitors the inferiority complex in them will automatically vanished. Moreover no parents should compare other children with our children on any account by keeping in mind that our children is having separate power which may not be availed in them.

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