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    If you have series of functions and programs, how to deal with it ?

    From Monday to Saturday, the whole week is very busy with activities , programs and functions. On Monday it was Gruhapravesham, on Tuesday Gananapathi homam and Satyanararayana pooja at a friends house. On Wednesday a marriage ceremony of my close friend's son. On Thursday, there is a yearly death ceremony of my relative and that must be attended. On friday there is a birth day party and on Saturday there is a marriage reception. All the functions are from relatives and close friends and we cannot avoid also. What is your suggestion?
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    Sir, take one week leave if you're still doing job. There is no other option here. This is because, all the events are essential to attend. So, why worry about this. Simply participate and enjoy the events. Happy days!!
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    If there are time constraints then making it to all the events may not be possible. In such case, it is best to ring the individuals and wish them for the occasion and express your inability to be part of their celebration. Make it a point to do so a day prior to the event, as the host will be busy on the day of the function.

    Apart from that (if it is a socially accepted norm) you can arrange for a bouquet, with a personalized message, to be delivered to the individual/family/host. Alternatively, you can call on them before or after the event, at a convenient time (take an appointment before you go knocking on their door). Take a gift along, as a good will gesture.

    You must always inform the host, in advance, if you will not be able to make it to an event. This is not just a social grace, but also helps the host organize things.

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    In case, all events are important and compulsory to attend, then the same should be attended to, in any case. However, in case it possible a skip one or two of the events out of the many, then let t be so.
    I think one of the concerns of the author is as to how he will be able to participate in his ISC activity. Perhaps it doesn't matter much if the ISC activity is skipped for a day or two. It can always be compensated for by working extra after the important social activities are over.
    Another important aspect is to take care of the food. Taking outside food during a period of time is likely to cause stomach upset. No party food can match the home food as far as the heath aspects are concerned.
    I know few people who attend 4-5 wedding parties in a single evening. They make smaller teams by dividing the family into two or three smaller groups and register their presence in all important parties.
    In eating also, they take starters at one party, main course at another and the desserts at the last one.

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    I presume you already took a leave on Monday. When compared to the others, most people don't attend Ganapathi homam and Satyanarayana pooja. But, attending the marriage ceremony, yearly death ceremony, marriage reception is must especially if they are of our closest ones. As birthday parties are generally celebrated in evenings, there is no need to take a leave. It is your choice to attend the Ganapathi homam and Satyanarayana pooja, Birthday Party or not. But, inform them if you are not attending their function. Anyways, I didn't come across such a situation in my entire life. Participate in all the events if you can and enjoy.

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