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    Do you think tourism in India is in a bad condition?

    Many foreign tourists think that tourism in India is in a bad state. However, it is not bad if you think about various religious places, natural parks, cultural attractions, etc apart from facilities by the government, security in bases of crime and overcharging/cheating, tidiness in holistic/religious places and less priority to undeveloped/small tourist places. Some tourist places in India is very good, except some religious places like Haridwar, Rishikesh, Gaya, Kolkata, etc. basically where the rivers passes through nearby the temples, we people uses it most horribly. Otherwise, as I've visited several places Kodaikanal (TN), Guruvayyur (Kerala), Golden Temple (Amritsar), Jagannath Temple (Puri), Arakku (Vizag), Vizag, Tirupati, Jaipur, Bhubaneswar, Bangalore, and many more places where the situation is not so bad. What you say on this concert?
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    More than the hospitality, we Indian have the cheating ability. Why only talk about foreigners in our country? We ourselves get cheated in our local tourism. Especially in religious places, we get cheated by the priests on the name of performing rituals. Heavy charges with Entrance fee, Special Entrance fee, Dharshan fee, Close Dharshan fee, Special Dharshan fee etc. Mainly, we don't keep our tourist spots neat and tidy to attract foreigners. That is one of the solid reason why tourism is in a bad condition.
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    In my opinion, one of the major reasons for why tourism in India is in bad condition is untidiness. People spit on roads, throw garbage everywhere etc,. As that is considered illegal in many foreign countries, tourists from there may feel disgusted. Coming to the religious places, a person stands outside the temple saying that he will take you inside Garbhagriha and ask some money. He will take us inside as promised but the priest needs some more money. Instead of asking directly, some priests ask indirectly by showing Rs.100, Rs.500, Rs. 1000 notes in the dakshina plate. In case we avoid the outside standing person, special tickets will be sold inside for hundreds of rupees or even thousands. If things like these change, tourism in India will be in a very good condition.

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    As said by #574710, I too think that one of the major reasons which encourages the tourist to think that the tourism in INDIA is in bad state is untidiness. This is why because as we all know how much clean India is, because of this our India Prime minister had to thing of cleanliness yojna. Cheating and thieving also prevails in most part of the country with the foreigners which put a bad impression of our country loyalty and goodness. Charging of a goods and wage from foreigners are also too high, so to get good profit from them by making them fool.
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    India is the birthplace of major world religions like Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism. In addition, followers of all other major religions like Islam, Christianity, Zoroastrianism etc. live in India. Therefore, there are many religious or pilgrimage places. India being under the rule of Muslim rulers over of period of many centuries, a number of religious as well historical places associated with Islam exit.
    During the year 2015, more than 80 lakh foreign tourists visited India. Generally, the Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh are the most popular states for tourists.
    The Government of India has launched an international marketing campaign known as 'Incredible India' to promote tourism in India. Promotion of tourism has its negative impacts also like an increase in water, air, noise, visual and cultural pollution. Bad roads, harsh weather conditions, crime, lack of public hygiene and cheating mentality are some of the areas which require improvement.

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    Because of its ancient culture and civilisation, natural beauty, wildlife as well as modern amenities, India should be at No. 1 position in world tourism map. The tourism in India has been increasing with the improvement of facilities and infrastructure. However, much, much more is required to be done. The state governments must take initiative for this purpose along with the Central Govt. Some of the state governments like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Kerala and Madhya Pradesh are very active to improve tourism. The other state governments should follow their path. At the same time, Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and other similar state organisations should make efforts to preserve the historical monuments in the states. The north-eastern states must show-case the resplendent natural beauty and handicrafts of these states to attract tourists. Indian tourism has immense potential to attract tourists from all over the world as well as from India. Another important aspect should be kept in mind in this regard is training of guides in each state. The state governments must take care of the law and order issues to attract more tourists.
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    We cannot say so, by sitting in one place. If we see the places such as Madurai, Trichy, etc., we can see many foreigners and Indians from other states are roaming in the city. There are people who really interested in tourism are moving genuinely and there are people to help to those intending in visiting such tourist attracted places from the department. I myself availed the beneficial help from the Karnataka Tourism Department of Bangalore while planned to visit Belur, Halabedu, Mysore, Kemmanagandi etc., of Karnataka State. Similarly in Mumbai, New Delhi, Hyderabad sight seeing trips I availed from the Tourism department only. I got useful and patiently help from them.


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    The Pandas (pujaris) at Puri are the top cheaters in India; beware of them while your visiting to Lord Jagannath at Puri.
    I never forget the incident at Golden Temple Amritsar where my camera was stolen during the early morning prayer. The theft taken very technically from my camera case which was with me.

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    #574737 : The Pandas create problem not only at Puri, but also at Gaya and Varanasi. However, the theft at Golden Temple is really very unfortunate, because the Golden Temple authorities are really very alert. I had to suffer in the hands of a guide and a hotel-owner at Agra. However, in entire South India, this problem is much less.
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