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    What is cash for information updates ?

    what does it mean when here in this site member get cash for information update. What information is updated can anyone describe.
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    As far as I know the information in respect of universities, colleges, schools, courses and about states, districts, cities, villages in the 'My India' section always require updates on a continuous basis. The author may begin by locating the school, college and universities he has studied and the places at which he has lived or living, in the ISC resources. There are chances that the author will feel like updating available information in respect of the same.
    However, such information, to be updated cannot be posted directly by the members. Instead, the information updates are required to be submitted for review and approval by the authors. Text boxes for posting such information is generally available at the bottom of the concerned pages.
    Also, updating information of minor nature, generally don't fetch any cash credit, though points may be awarded by the editors in the deserving cases.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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