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    Have you tried tracing a number to check the veracity of the caller?

    Just a few minutes ago a call came in on my sister's smartphone. The caller claimed to be an Officer named Mishra from the local Customer Care Division (division of what he did not say), doing a verification call. He wanted to know in which Bank my sister had an account, that her ATM card had matured. He did not know English and spoke Hindi which was not very clear. Very sensibly my sister scented a scam & did not divulge any details & told him straight that since she did not know him or could verify who he was, would not give details & disconnected the line. She then looked up the number on the Net & found it was from the telecom circle of Bihar & Jharkhand area, but could not locate the specific number's caller's name. Is there any way to find out the name of the caller & precise location?
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    Yes, many a time. Only yesterday night I checked the number of a person who had been disturbing my wife. Later I came to know that he is an insurance broker and he was pestering my wife to take insurance from him.
    So far as the specific question asked by Ms. Vandana, this information can be obtained from 'True-caller' application.

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    Generally, the true caller app reveals the name and the concerned telecom circle. However, the service proving company can supply full details from their system. But I have a doubt if they are authorised to divulge such details to any individual. The official channel is to lodge a formal complaint with the police organisation, who may be able to track and trace full details.
    Unofficial, channel can work only when some highly placed official/manager of the service providing company is personally known and he/she is willing to cooperate by taking a personal risk.

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    Precise location can be traced only if the caller has activated GPS on his phone. Even then it is not exact. Only the law enforcement agencies can get the precise location of a phone, that too till the last few meters.

    It can be tried on Net by searching for sites that trace the location of a phone.

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    Truecaller can divulge the name of the person calling. But do remember that Truecaller has a crowdsourced database to identify the caller. If any other user of the app has saved the name of the caller as cheater or something like that, Truecaller will come up with that name. But, yes - the app provides you the circle and most of the times, the telecom operator.

    As in my case, I use Truecaller to find out the caller details. They tend to be correct most of the times. Telcos will not divulge the details unless you have a formal complaint with the police.

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    Now a days we are getting business promotion calls and cheating calls to get our bank account details by hook or crook. The banks are also informing via alerts not to reveal any account number or pin number even to the bank officials when they make calls. There seems to be cheating racket going on from the numbers emanating from North India and by the time local police trace those numbers, they would shift the place. So these gullible cheaters are targeting female cell phone owners so that they can be easily trapped by promising some holiday package having won or promising from free gift if address was revealed. A true caller wont stoop to that levels.
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    So far I have not received any such call. But I occasionally get intimation (through e-mail) to the effect that some great kind-hearted African lady or princess wants to donate some billion dollars to me and for the purpose she needs my Account No. I give her my (imaginary) Account No. of such bank which I never visited in my life and forward the e-mail to the cyber-crime branch of Delhi Police.

    Of late, I have found that those beautiful African ladies don't want to donate money to me anymore.

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    Nowadays, I am receiving SMS like dial 58800320 and listen to Bollywood gossip @ Rs.3 per minute or dial 5432186 for making new friends and voice chat with them. I have never tried so far. Also, I have never attempted to track or trace the origin of such messages. Has anyone tried that? What they talk ?
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    Similar situations happened to me many a times but not through phone calls. I received a message saying that I won $500,000 dollars in a lottery and I should pay Rs. 100,000 to take the prize money. I felt pity for the sender. How did he/she think that a person will believe if he/she won crores of rupees without even participating in the lottery.

    Coming to the point, it is not possible to find the exact location of the caller even to the police/telephone department. The location can only be estimated. I case you want to find the estimated location of the caller, go to I just found this site and it even gives the estimated location of a phone number.

    Mr. Partha Kansabanik, your response #574781 really made me laugh. You conveyed it in a very good way.

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    Response deleted.
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    It is not a genuine call from SBI. Bank officials never inquire like that on phone.

    You are lucky that the fraudsters were not able to crack your pin, that is why nothing went wrong with your card.

    BTW, this thread is about how to find out the identity of a caller, and is not about the genuineness of a caller & about harm to your credit card. You could have raised a new thread regarding your query.

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    Gypsy, Sorry and Thank you.
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    Thanks everyone for your feedback. My sister installed Truecaller after I told her about the suggestion given here. Now she is well prepared for Mishras & other fake callers!
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    You may tell your sis that she needs to keep her mobile data on all the time as the calls must be routed through the Truecaller. Moreover, she may not receive the calls which the Truecaller identifies as spam.

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    There are various apps for android phone like true caller which I prefer provides all the details about the caller if that number is registered anywhere.
    To avoid any such calls downloading this app is very helpful. My every friend has this app and I too use this app, just open this app and on the mobile data (net) and search the number. And it will give you all the necessary information about the caller. With advent of android phone it has become easier to trace such calls.

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