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    What is your opinion on Remix Songs?

    Remixing of old songs is a new trend in Music. Adding some creative touch to the old songs and releasing the songs in a newer version attracts the newer generation. The younger generation kids usually don't show much interest in listening to the old songs, but after the advent of remixing they are more interested in listening to the remix version of the old songs. The new trend of Remixing has gained popularity among the new generation but it fails to attract the old people. The older generation people still love to listen to the original old version of the songs.

    What is your opinion on remixing of old songs? Does remixing spoil the original essence of the old songs?
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    There is nothing surprising or startling about the observations of the author that old generation likes music form of their own era compared to the contemporary one.
    During the last few decades, there had been remarkable changes in all fields including the music. Computer technology has changed the world of music also like all other aspects of human life. Nowadays, there is no need to create music. Instead, it can be synthesized like a product is manufactured on the assembly line of a factory.
    Many new musical instruments have got developed in the meantime which can produce a customized sound on command. The technology has also enabled development of many kinds of storage devices, speakers, stereo systems and musical devices. Now one can simply download a remix music using an app or transfer the same using a Bluetooth device.
    Technology has changed the world and will continue to do so in future also.
    People will listen to music through a cochlear implant and appreciate the same by their artificial heart implant.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Well, call me someone from old generation or a thing like that, but I am strongly against the remixed versions of old songs. It takes the originality away from the music created years ago.

    It does not necessarily mean that I do not like the contemporary music, There are some masterpieces and we have been a witness to it. But, a masterpiece needs to be original, not something borrowed. From that point of view, I will not listen to remixed music.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    I do not like distorting the original version old golden songs and remixing with worst sound effects and concealing the lyrics for the mass likings. I can challenge that the present music composers have no guts nor the courage to create the songs on the lines of old ones and how can they destroy the original version with their imposed musical addition. The new songs are famous for the day only when the movie is released. But the old songs are still famous and seniors of this country would love to play and listen old songs only be it any language. The Hindi song liker also used to listen other languages songs of those days. That was essence of any song.
    K Mohan
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    Not only old people, many young people are also not liking remixed songs. In my opinion, a song goes from good to garbage when remixed. Frankly speaking, I don't find old songs much interesting. But, their remixed versions are just irritating. Its like street dancing at a ballet. I heard a popular music director saying "Previously, a music director used to write songs, compose music and sing songs. Now a days, five songs of a movie are being written by five or more persons, music of a movie is being composed by two or more persons, each song is being sung by many persons." in TV. These days, songs are being put in movies just for name sake. I personally feel that songs must not be put in a movie if they are not proper or not needed.

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    Remix songs is a part of young generation thought, yes it is also true that many of the young generation people don't like remix songs because the original is much more beautiful than the remix songs. Remix songs are meant for the DJ's, so that some rock and pop music will come out. I have my own opinion regarding this is that I think there should be no remix songs in our society because the bass which comes out from the remix song is very much dangerous for the heart patient and other people who have same problem like that.
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