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    What you feel if the wall clock stops working?

    Nowadays, generally, people use electronic clocks which work on battery/cell power. Earlier, the mechanical clocks used to derive energy for working from the motion of the pendulum or winding the clock. After the cell exhausts, the hands of the clock stop moving. A simple replacement of cell will enable the clock to click as usual.
    However, it was/is considered a bad omen if a clock stops working. People used to believe even up to the extent that something very bad will happen in the house in case the clock stops working.
    I cannot tolerate a non-working clock due to other reasons.
    I feel as a very careless and irresponsible individual if I allow the still clock to remain hung on the wall.
    What you feel if the wall clock stops working?
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    I am very particular about the wall clock which should be in working order. Some times the battery would be dried and we think that the time is still running. If the watch stops in the morning hours, we think the still time is there to cope of works. But once we had bitter experience with that and hence we wanted to follow even Television timing. The news channels will also display the time and thus we may compare that with watch timings and get adjusted. One thing is sure I feel like some thing bad going to happen if the watch stops working. For me watch is live example of our moving with time and if that time stops, for me everything is stopped for that period.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Clocks start running slow before the batteries actually run out of juice. If you notice a clock not keeping time with the rest of the timepieces or your favourite television show, it is time to change the battery. Why wait for it to stop woking!

    Regarding clocks and bad omens – it is all humbug. What happened before their invention?

    A fool will always try to make sense of his nonsense!

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    I think Ms. Juana raised a good point in her response #574783. What happened before the invention of clocks?

    Now a days, most people are not depending on wall clocks. Everyone owns a mobile phone and every mobile phone shows time. In my house, we use only one wall clock. My father has a rough idea of the time for which it works properly after placing a new battery. So, after that time, he replaces the battery without even bothering about whether it is working or not. In case there are no mobile phones in a house and the wall clock is not working, it is better to see the time in news channels in television.

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    It is true that with the development of technology, people do not depend on wall clocks as the only source to know the time but many homes still have working wall clocks as a part of wall décor. People still feel convenient to know the time while moving around the home and of course it is of great help, during the busy hours of the day, as one might feel it convenient to look at the clock and get ready in time. Since many clocks run on batteries, they stop working without any warning. When it occurs, it is best to shrug it off as normal and change the batteries, adjust the time and on on with our lives. As it is irritating to leave it that way and the dead batteries may further leak and corrode the circuits, spoiling the clock for ever.
    However clocks have been associated with many superstitions. people view a working clock as the symbol of life, as long as the clock works perfectly people move around without any fears about life and death but once the clock had stopped working, it invokes morbid fear of death in them. It is for the same reason that in Chinese culture, people are discouraged from gifting a wall clock to someone on their birthday.

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    Six months ago my 3yr old nephew threw my father's old watch in to water full of bucket, and the watch stopped working. My father gave that watch to me for repairing. I went to an old and famous watch repairing centre in my town and gave the watch for repairing; he gave me 2 days time to fix it. After 2 days he again asked more two days time for that. Likewise, he took 10 days time and at last he said 'No'. I'm not worried about the watch, as it is very old and may be the parts are not available to repair; and I bought a new watch for my father. The matter may be resolved for me, but not for my father; as the watch was 15 yr old and his favourite too. During 10days of servicing he may have asked more than 30 times about the watch. It means around 3 times a day. He was very concerned about that.
    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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