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    Do you keep track of your average step count per day?

    When we stick to our computers, we forget about everything. Our life became sedentary after computers were invented. We almost forgot about doing exercises. I always laugh when I see Partha sir's forum footer. If we cannot do exercise, at least we can walk for sometime. But we are very lazy to walk also. You can use technology to force us to walk. There are several pedometer apps, which can help us to walk. Such apps will count the number of steps we take daily. You can decide how many steps you should walk in a day and try to achieve that goal.
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    Having habituated to increased usage of two and four wheeler in our daily life, we are giving less work to the legs and walking has minimized drastically. For fetching groceries and vegetables, I used to walk for short distances so that our body gets in to the mode of some exercise. By the way riding a two wheeler through the tough roads of twin ciites is also a big exercise for mind we are giving. But physical exercise to body is gradually decreasing and that is the reason being so we are becoming obese and also blessed with fresh and new diseases. Walk a little, jump a little and jog a little must be our motto daily no matter at what time we do those things.
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    10,000 steps a day is what fitness experts recommend. Most people do not walk that much in a day. I have installed an app on my smartphone that tracks the number of steps I take, provided the gadget in close proximity, of me. The app tracks my steps even if the phones are in my handbag, which is slung on my shoulder.
    I have set a target to walk 12,000 each day and I generally meet the target. I go for two walks, one in the evening and the other late at night – post dinner. It is on my night walk that I achieve my goal. The 12,000 steps do not include walking around the house.

    I have a set walking route and know the number of steps it takes to complete one round on the route. It is easy to keep track of my goal, by keeping track of the number of rounds I walk.

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    Technology is taking over the mankind like a monster. Now Pokemon Go types of games are being offered as an alternative. Walking on congested public roads has no longer remained a cake walk.

    One has to be a Gymnast like Dipa Karmakar to walk on the roads and come back to home alive triumphantly. The traffic on the roads is so chaotic that in the busy shopping area, it looks like negotiating a jigsaw puzzle.

    One can cross a busy road intersection only with the spirit of - 'Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamaare dil mein hai' (the desire to make a sacrifice is in our hearts).

    Parks are not available in all localities for people to walk safely. Many fitness freaks drive up to the parks for walking. I have myself downloaded an app which is more to show off than to use practically.

    Some of the examples of available apps are -Map My Hike GPS Hiking, RunFit, Pedometro, Pedometer, Health Pedometer and Pedometer Health Care Fitness etc.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Luckily, I don't have this problem and I don't need to trace the number of steps. The distance from the gate of my university to my class is more than a kilometer. Every day, I need to walk that kilometer at morning and walk back that kilometer at evening. In case I want to eat in the college canteen, another one plus one kilometer at afternoon. I agree with the author that people forgot doing exercises due to the invention of computers, mobile phones etc,. But, they are not realizing that not doing exercise leads to not being healthy and not being healthy leads to short life time etc,. No matter how much mental exercise we do, physical exercise is a must.

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