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    Shobha De's comments on Indian athlete at Rio Olympic.

    One should learn how to be in the headlines from these so called celebrities.

    At Rio, a 23 year old girl, risking her life, completed the deadliest vault and created history for our country! And here at home Shobha De did the ugliest vault on commenting about our athlete. Here is what she has commented - "Goal of Team India at the Olympics: Rio jao. Selfies lo. Khaali haat wapas aao. What a waste of money and opportunity".

    Can someone one tell her that reaching at any Olympic stage needs a big heart, need daily 8-10 hours practice, leaving all enjoyment but practice and practice then an athlete reach to that platform? Does she think it is as simple as commenting on anything? She has but got mouthful of return comments which will help her to do any "vault" correctly next time.

    It is really disgusting to read such remarks. It not only discourage our team but also lower their moral. At least she could have shut her mouth till the Olympics ends.

    What is your response to her comment?
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    Shobha De is a fizzled out cracker. She was noticed after publication of her novels Starry Nights and Socialite Evenings in the year 1989.
    She raked much controversy last year by criticising the decision of the BJP-Shiv Sena alliance Government to make it compulsory to screen Marathi films in multiplexes at prime time in Mumbai. Shiv Sena had even moved a breach of privilege motion in the Maharashtra Assembly against her on the ground that she had insulted the Legislative Assembly, Marathi language and people.
    Regarding her present tweet, the Ace shooter Abhinav Bindra who has missed his medal by a narrow margin of 0.5 in the shootout has reacted by asking Shobha De to be proud of the Indian athletes and Olympians who are perusing human excellence against the whole world.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Shobha De is known for making such comments and I doubt whether she should be taken seriously. But, making a statement as a known face requires some dignity and responsibility. We as Indians should be proud of our team at RIO and must be sure that they will do their best for the nation. We need to note that they have reached Rio after lot many tests. The statement purportedly made by Shobha De is surely in bad taste and need to be condemned.
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    Not expected from a great writer like Shoba De. "Ye baath Shoba De ko Shoba nahin Dethi hai".
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    Shobha De has always been known to make such comments which have always been in bad taste. I would just say that they need to be in the limelight all the time and they would go to any extent to be so. I am firmly of the opinion that these celebrities have no interest in anything except keeping themselves in the public eye.
    As they say, negative publicity is the best publicity and that is exactly what these celebrities follow. Current statement by Shobha De is a proof of this.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    Abhinav Bindra, Biren Rasquinha and Jwala Gutta have aptly replied to Shobha De. The tragedy of Indian sports is that those who haven't ever visited any playground, become expert before the TV camera or in social media. Shobha De should give her expert comment on film-stars' extra-marital affairs; comments on sportsmen or sportswomen's performance don't suit her.
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    It is obvious that she did this to get some attention. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction (Newton's 3rd Law). Similarly, she is being attacked in twitter. Some of the attack tweets are:
    1) "Goal of Shobha De on Twitter : online aao, bina matlab ki bat karo, gaali khao, wapas ajao" meaning "get online, make a problematic comment, get abused, return back"
    2) A photo showing a monkey using a computer with a caption "Rare photo of Shobha De posting a tweet"
    3) "If uttering useless/nasty words is an Olympic sport, you could have got us a gold medal"
    Going to Olympics needs hours of practice everyday and its way too difficult than making comments sitting in an AC room. She too know this but did the comment for publicity. Such people should be ashamed of themselves.

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    Some people get famous with their works and contributions and some become famous for giving rave comments and hog the limelight. Shobha de is the one among them. What the hell forced her to say that comment is known to her only. One thing is sure, those who were playing Olympics is itself a great honor to the country and getting medals are purely challenging the best. By the way in sports winning and loosing is the tradition and for that we cannot brand all the sports persons are waste. If Shobha de participated in any Olympics earlier and gone through the horrifying experience then she has the right to comment. Without knowing ABCD of Olympics how can she make useless comments. ?
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    Perhaps Shobha De was a bit harsh towards the Olympic team, but the reality, is we as a nation are below par performers, when it comes to sports. No one can deny this fact, not even the ones who have been anguished by her harsh words and are now united, raising their voice against her. Sure the Olympic team is not to be blamed. It's the way we Indians take to sports is the culprit. For us, sports is secondary or perhaps doesn't even count anywhere. Even at my age I am regular at sports and keep myself healthy by playing one or the other game. I thank my organization for providing us with a good infrastructure for sports. But then it's not true for most Indians. Most of the time there aren't any sporting facilities for the people to take a liking to sports. The infrastructure in our schools are abysmally poor. My son's school stresses a lot on studies and cultural programs. But in sports it is simply shabby. The way his school promotes sports is simply an eyewash. It embarrasses me that my son is in such a school where sports counts nowhere. But it is true with almost every other school and college in India.

    So friends, where do you think the sporting talent will come from, when such is our attitude towards sports? It is not for us to blame the Olympic team or even Shobha De. It was very bold of her to comment against the poor performance of the team. It takes a lot of courage to speak against the tide, especially in a country like India where dissent is simply not tolerated. It is simply not digestible that a country with more than a billion population is nowhere in the counting. Perhaps the taunting by Shobha De will now force our sportsmen and women to tighten up and give a scintillating performance silencing all critics, including Shobha De. In this way I hope Shobha De's remark will do more good than damage. And for those who think Shobha De talks only rubbish, they should better read about her and not just simply sully her. She is one bold lady, many chest thumping or bicep bulging men would not be able to match and India is simply short of such courageous people.

    Patience and perseverance pays

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    We all know criticising and taunting or mocking two different thing. A criticizer speak or say taking all the points in consideration but a ill minded people only can taunt. And the above comment by the columnist is of course not a criticizing.

    We have had enough discussion in the past as why our sports person failed at Olympic, everyone knows the actual reason. Still, our athlete qualify for the final round is not a JOKE. I would like to remind people those who forget that Olympic is not Cricket where we have to play against only 8 nations and still comes second or third. Wherein Olympic entire nations participate and an athlete have to play against some of the worlds number one team or athlete.

    Not only this she has also commented "Why do we bother with the Olympics ?" I don't know why she bother with writing? Indian athlete had got few medals but has she got any award or medal in internationally for her writing? Those who think she has commented for good, they forget that she is famous only in writing about "sexuality" and looking at others "curves". One should be at his her limitation and comment.

    What our athlete doing is best and if one can't see their sacrifice they do in their life, one should not comment unnecessarily.

    "Any man who stands for progress has to criticize, disbelieve and challenge every item of the old faith." - Sardar Bhagat Singh

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    That is the problem with us Indians. We can't take a criticism positively. Even if we do a mistake we never accept our folly, forget asking an apology. Same is the case with pseudo nationalism. We can't see anything wrong with our Olympics team. We can't accept any criticisms either. Agreed it was too early for Shobha De to criticise the unfortunate players who missed their chances on winning a medal or two for the country. But she is not wrong. She is in fact bang on the target. Most of the time it is difficult for us to digest the truth, especially the bitter ones. The one said by the columnist is a bitter truth that has not been easily digested by us who are nowhere in the scene. I bet, had she not commented on the Indian team that day, 5 or 6 days later with the poor form continuing, you, me and the media would have put the whole team on trial, blaming them for incompetence.

    The misery for us as a country is that we get satisfied by our limited achievements. For us reaching the Olympics is our only goals. Winning a medal or two is not our prerogative. Even small poor African nations do better than us. As far as getting into the Olympics is concerned I think it is easier to get into the Olympic team than getting into the Indian national team for cricket. Even though cricket is played among a few nations, but it is fiercely competitive and to get into the national team is almost next to impossible. Getting into the Indian Olympic team is far easier considering there's no competition for the same in most of the games. Hardly any Indian plays any game other than cricket, so where could be the competition. Still I am not one to one with Shobha De. Instead of blaming the players, I will put the blame on our lackadaisical attitude as a nation, that results in such scenarios. This "chalta hai" attitude is the main reason for our undoing.

    Still I believe the remaining contingent will be able to put up a fine show and thus win a few medals for the country, bringing smiles on the faces of a 1.2 billion strong nation.

    Patience and perseverance pays

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    Sir, criticism is not new for the Olympic athlete, they were getting it since ages, it is nothing new. Whenever, they returned from the game they got it mouthful, specially from those people who are slave of the game of cricket. I am really "shocked" with the comment that getting Olympic birth is easy than getting into national cricket team. Sir, do you know even a Ranji team are living their life better than the Indian national Hockey team? No, I am not blaming you but blaming our people for such attitude towards our athlete.

    There were time when we only have to wait for the Hockey team to get us medal but thankfully we have got some international level athlete who got us even little pride to beat the world's best. Since past few Olympic our performances are better even we did not get handful of medals but we have made our presence in international level. Also we should not forget our physical strength which is not as strong as African team, I really hope you made your statement considering all the fact.

    There is no doubt that every game has tough competition whether it is cricket or hockey but single handily keeping cricket above other game is what the main reason for our poor show in Olympic. We have many people like Shobha De even at ISC who can't cherish with small achievement for our Olympic athlete but ready to condemn them for their poor show. Nothing is perfect but at least we are into making of Olympic champion and we should be hope for the best instead of commenting such useless words. They need more encouragement than criticism, Sir.

    Finally it is up to us how we see if Glass is half full or half empty.

    "Any man who stands for progress has to criticize, disbelieve and challenge every item of the old faith." - Sardar Bhagat Singh

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    For those who think getting into Olympic is easier than getting into Indian national team in cricket (No offense) but one should go through the details as how one qualify for the Olympic game.

    Is it really so? Does it means our athlete who sweat it out 24/7, should sit on AC room and when Olympic comes they go direct to perform?

    After 36 years, our women's hockey team is playing on Olympic! Why they missed such long years. The answer is they have to qualify for the Olympic, playing Olympic qualifier matches. Both Men's and Women's team have to play FIH world league semifinal to qualify for Olympic.

    Badminton players have to wait for BWF (Badminton world Federation) world ranking. The ranking world wide determine the Olympic qualification. It is not a lolly-pop that you buy it and taste.

    Boxers, runners, Archers, Shooters, they all have to perform continuously their best throughout years to get into Olympic game. Athletes world ranking and performances in international level get them to the Olympic. My dear, it is just not easy, it is so tough. Only tougher can achieve to reach such level.

    However, saying it is easy to get into Olympic is really not digestible, One should think twice to make such remark. It is ok if you don't follow Olympic or disappoint with Indian team performance but at least don't insult them when you have no knowledge as how the athlete qualify for the Olympic.

    "Any man who stands for progress has to criticize, disbelieve and challenge every item of the old faith." - Sardar Bhagat Singh

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