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    Why only criminals are described as the 'Most wanted'?

    Consider the following list -
    1. NIA Most Wanted
    2. FBI Most Wanted Terrorists
    3. The World's 10 Most Wanted
    4. Saudi list of most wanted suspected terrorists
    5. United States Secret Service Most Wanted Fugitives
    Have you ever come across any list like -
    1. The Most Wanted Leaders
    2. The Most Wanted Actors/Actresses
    3. The Most Wanted Heroes
    4. The Most Wanted Television Shows
    Literally the phrase - 'most wanted' means someone or something most sought after, especially as a criminal suspect.
    The question is why only the suspected or actual criminals are most wanted, not the people with distinctions and achievements.
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    The magnitude of want for a leader/actor/actress/hero/television show is less than the magnitude of want for a criminal. We don't need a leader/actor/actress/hero/television show compulsorily but the FBI, NIA etc,. need those criminals compulsorily to protect their country from terrorism (obviously, most wanted criminals are dangerous than wanted criminals). This is just what I think and may not be the exact definition.

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    Why people don't talk about most wanted virtues, ideals, morals or standards?
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    By saying most wanted means those criminals have successfully evading the law and also roaming free from the glare of arrest. Hence police issue most wanted warnings of those who are ought to be caught and thus their names are prominently displayed elsewhere. If you go to any police station we find the photos of those criminals who have be consistent offenders and they are were caught every time and put in jail and after coming out of bail they again commit the crime in different way. In this regard even the females are also having name in the list of criminals.
    K Mohan
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    This is because, the criminals lost or hidden somewhere; due to which particular government asks as 'most wanted'. The term 'most wanted' only suits to criminals only.
    Naresh Kumar
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