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    What may be the alternative of not believing in the God?

    There are many self-proclaimed atheists. They say that they don't believe in the God. It is their own choice and prerogative. May God bless him/her with all the happiness that this world can offer to them.
    However, I am baffled with another issue. Is it necessary at all or not in believing in someone or something?
    What may be the alternative of not believing in the God?
    Is it possible to not to get distressed and disoriented in some situations, when there is nobody to believe in and put faith in?
    Is it sufficient to have faith only in mortal humans?
    What you tend to feel about the subject matter?
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    In my opinion, God is the happiness when doing good and fear when doing bad. I don't say that there is a God. I don't say that there is no God either. Some people believe and some people don't. It is an individual's choice whether to believe or not. But, it is a fact that many people don't do bad things just due to the fear that God may punish them. So, it is better to believe in God. Most of the people who don't believe in God are most likely to not have control of what they are doing. Such people may even become sociopaths.

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    Krishna - The word God is always typed, beginning with a capital letter i.e. as God.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Well the subject matter of God is always surrounded with the controversies as some feels that their work and talent alone would bring luck and fortunes to them and the God has no place to play with their life and changing times. But surely one must understand that the existence of ourselves is the testimony of God. Does anybody gone inside our body and found how our systems works live. We have read the books and know the same but the real working of our body and the organs are purely directed by the God and if desires to disable them, then that is the start of ending to our life. So those who call themselves atheist and never believe in the God are the very people who chant about God during their death times. I have seen many people discarding going to temples in their good period has taken the solace of God and his preachings when they are about to die. So there is definitely some enlightenment for those who follow the foot steps of the faith and that will give them immense satisfaction too. There is no alternative to GOD.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    #574809 : Thank you for correcting me Mr. Kailash Kumar. Initially, I used a 'G'. As no error is shown when I accidentally used a 'g', I changed every 'G' to 'g'. I edited my response now by changing 'g' to 'G'.

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