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    What exactly does this mean? I need strong action

    The team/Tony Sir/ Vandana,

    I am sorry for creating this thread, but it remains a fact that some of the members here do not seem to have a proper sense of behaving in a public forum. They just appear to be self centred and thinking about themselves.

    The issue in question is this thread where the response number #574807 which is completely in bad taste. The concerned member always makes it a point to poke his nose in everyone's thread and goes gaga about himself. Will there be any way to get rid of this behaviour? I cant exactly see why this sort of a behaviour is being tolerated. I have seen the member making unsavoury comments about editorial team of the site as well in the past.

    I just want to know what was wrong with my comment #574802 in the said thread. Was I low standard as the cited response has stooped to?

    I wish to see some strong action being taken this time.
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    And thankfully, the member has been successful in sabotaging yet another good thread with the nose poking behaviour. Kudos to him and let him continue with this behaviour. Looks like it is good to the site.
    Live....and Let Live...!

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    Please do calm down. If somebody behaves badly, let the editors & Webmasters deal with him. I can understand your anger & urge for retaliatory behaviour, but just think - why should you behave in the same manner? The admin is not exactly blind and deaf to the manner in which a few members act. Keep in mind that the major awards too are considered with an eye on a member's general interaction with others & not merely on the basis of their contributions. No matter how good the quality of those contributions, if they act in an unbefitting manner, they are unlikely to be considered for the awards. In general, too, they are harming themselves by conveying a poor impression of themselves to other members.

    So just leave it to us, will you, to manage such members.

    Managing Editor,

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    Mr. Timmappa,
    Vandana ME is right. While there are Web Masters, Managing Editor, Lead Editors and Editors are present 24x7 to monitor the contents of the forum messages and responses, why should an ordinary member over react unnecessarily. What was the need to get agitated over my good response. Just look at my explanation below.

    The good author Mr. Naresh has said ' A small gift to old forum star 'Sun' - Do you know who is this old forum star 'Sun'. It is none other than me the Sun of ISC. ( I think you did not read this sentence before raising to post your response)

    My explanation about my good response:
    Nice to see a thread from you on Sun's glories'. - Appreciation to author listing the quotes
    "Much has been said by the members about the universal Sun'." - Appreciation to the respondents for their additional quotes.
    "No life without Sun" is my forum footer. -A self quote by ISC Sun about THE SUN
    Thank you for your excellent gift. I am not only an old forum star 'Sun', but also a forum superstar forever."- Thanks giving by Sun with a reminder that Mr. Sun is also a Forum superstar.

    Finally. You indicated that you expect a nasty response from me to get the thread locked. Though I did not post a nasty answer but a good quote about the Sun and a dog which you thought it yourself (A gulity conscience needs no accuser - A proverb) and spoiled the thread as you wished.

    What I would say is - Members are dragging me into their net to defame me and my reputation earned through my hard work at ISC. Never mind. If my destiny is to face stringent action, let me face it. Can't help.

    All the best at ISC, Timmappa. Taking leave.

    No life without Sun ¤

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    I think it is best to lock this thread.

    Managing Editor,

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