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    Bringing back the righteous Sun for discussion.

    I am worried. Very recently, a member has raised a thread "Very famous quotes on the Sun" and listed out various quotes of various personalities. At the end of his message, he said " A small gift to our old forum star 'Sun'."

    Many members added more and more quotes about the Sun.

    I, bearing the profile name Sun, and being the old forum star of ISC was glad to see the last sentence "A small gift to our old forum star 'Sun'." which was meant for me. I felt proud and accepted the thread as a dedicated gift to me.

    Therefore, I posted a response (from Sun) as below:
    "Nice to see a thread from you on Sun's glories'. Much has been said by the members about the universal Sun'. "No life without Sun" is my forum footer.
    Thank you for your excellent gift. I am not only an old forum star 'Sun', but also a forum superstar forever."

    Unfortunately, my response came under severe criticism from a member. Click here to view the thread response # 574802.

    My dear fellow ISCian,
    1. Did I post anything wrong to hurt the author or someone at ISC vide my #574795?
    2. If yes, Kindly let me know where did I go wrong with my response in that thread?

    Please read and understand it thoroughly , and post your comments, views and opinion.

    I am much worried.
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    Sun, I can understand your anguish and discomfort of getting into rough weather in one of the threads. You never expected that someone will come so hard upon you. It's unfortunate that you had to suffer bad vibes, just because your response in the thread was not found appropriate by that said someone. Truly speaking, I too feel that your response was not appropriate. Agreed, the thread was dedicated to you, but it was meant for the real Sun and not you. For example, very often authors dedicate their books to, say parents, children, teacher, etc. But that doesn't mean the book concerns anything about them. Similar was the case here. Instead of glorifying yourself by emphasising your status as forum superstar, you could have perhaps mentioned about the glories of the real Sun. Or perhaps some quotes about the Sun. But you did otherwise and thus rightfully or wrongfully angered one of our esteemed members.

    Yes, I do agree Timmappa was a bit harsh upon you. Instead of firing at you with all guns blazing, he could have perhaps suggested you to go a bit light on yourself. His outburst is though understood, considering the situation. What cannot be acceptable is the way you responded to his thread and gave a very offensive analogy about the Sun and a dog. That's not done Sun, you should have shown some restraint. I hope you do apologise to him and hard feelings if any can be washed away at the earliest.

    Patience and perseverance pays

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    I think, you too misunderstand things. What do you understand by " A small gift to old forum star 'Sun'? Is it the natural universal sun, or Sun of ISC? The universal Sun is never an ISC forum star or superstar.

    What came first, and who acted worst? How do you say that my response was inappropriate? Here is the explantion of my good response.

    'Nice to see a thread from you on Sun's glories'. - Appreciation to author listing the quotes
    "Much has been said by the members about the universal Sun'." - Appreciation to the respondents for their additional quotes.
    "No life without Sun" is my forum footer. -A self quote by ISC Sun about THE SUN
    Thank you for your excellent gift. I am not only an old forum star 'Sun', but also a forum superstar forever."- Thanks giving by Sun with a reminder that Mr. Sun is also a Forum superstar.

    What I said in my last response is also a good quote related to Sun and an animal that is to be understood well. . When love is thin, fault is thick - a proven proverb in that thread. And also 'A guilty conscience needs no accuser" - another proverb fits in suitably.

    No life without Sun ¤

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    My very blunt opinion: isn't it time you respected other members? This is not the first time that you are referring to a member as a dog. It would be good if you apologized for it. It is only human that Timmappa reacted in a strong emotional manner.

    Also, please do try to understand that neither you nor me nor anybody else is the center of ISC around which ISC revolves or on which the site solely depends. Why convey the impression that it is so? ISC will continue even if we are not around. We are not indispensable.

    Consider this your last warning - your unbefitting attitude towards other members will be met with stringent action.

    Managing Editor,

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    It looks like I was typing my above response when you are putting in yours. What irked was the statement of yours " I am not only an old forum star 'Sun', but also a forum superstar forever." - that was a bit much, don't you think? You could have merely thanked the thread author for his last sentence instead of that elaborate response. Look at the title of this thread too - really way too much!

    Even in #574847 above, you continue to disrespect an ISCian by stating "What I said in my last response is also a good quote related to Sun and an animal that is to be understood well. ."

    Managing Editor,

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    Madam Vandana,
    You never tried to analyse what went wrong and how. Who said what and how? Yes. I am one of the five superstars who is present in forum to contribute my best. I am proud. I always strive to maintain my superstar status. What to do - Once a bad guy is always a bad guy (according to you)

    Have you ever tried to find why an ordinary member should respond in such a manner with rude words against a platinum member while there are WMs, ME, LEs and Es at ISC? You could get only the last response to accuse me and initiate stringent action against me.

    Why should a member antincipate a nasty response from me and expect the thread to be locked? Did you question the member as to why he wanted a nasty response from me?

    Sorry Mam sorry. I was trapped. I am open for action.

    No life without Sun ¤

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    It is not that I "get only the last response". I got it all & have done the needful. Another member's retaliatory reaction (whether rude or otherwise) does not justify you calling him a dog. It is exhausting to explain when you so stubbornly cling to your so-called righteousness! I am just going to lock this thread now.

    Managing Editor,

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