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    Don't you think 600 words word limit as a little less for a competition entry specially for story ?

    Whenever we write a story to make it into a word limit we have to some time omit the parts from story which are very important for the story. And sometimes just a few words can make a story better.
    Don't you think For normal forum entry word limit is fine but for a story a little more word limit will be more better.
    What do you think about increasing a word limit by 100 to 50 words it will definately enhance the quality of content submitted?
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    No Neelam, in a Forum contest i.e creative story 600 words is more than enough. The minimum word limit for article writing is 500, so that will be like a mini article. You can write a well presented write-up for 600 words by eliminating the superfluous / unnecessary words. We had good number of story writing contests in the past in the Forum with 500 / 600 word limit.
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    Since the day I joined ISC, I have seen the forum stories with 600 words are quite sufficient. If it exceeds, forum story would look like an article.
    We can tell a mini story in one line too. 500 to 600 words can provide a fat story.

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    Basically, the creative story contest is a forum contest. Therefore the word limit of 500-600 is reasonable. As a matter of fact posting too lengthy a content in the forum section makes it look odd or out of place. In case a general story contest is announced (e.g. as an article), then it may be reasonable to ask for enhanced words limit.
    Most of the fables are not very lengthy though the same are nuggets of wisdom. The participants of a contest have to compete with each other within the given framework.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I agree wit all the responses mentioned above that its a forum competition and 500-600 words are more then enough.
    But I just saying for some stories which are really unique and can have a lot of matter to write, can their be any exception?

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    Giving such exceptions would make the contest stay lopsided. Story contests are held as part of the forum and as such it would be advisable to limit it in terms of word count. Though I have not taken part in any such contests so far, I have gone through some exceptionally great stories being created by our members by staying within the limit.
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    Neelam, to put it simply, just follow the guidelines! We may be having many ideas but when you are participating in a contest, it is better to follow the guidelines suggested by the author. I would like to lock this thread if you are convinced so that unnecessary responses can be avoided.
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    I always have difficulty to type even 100 words, but Ms. Joshi wants more than 600 words to write a good story! I am deeply impressed! At the same time, I am feeling pity for myself.
    Shame!Partha!Shame! Try to learn something from the younger generation.

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    I find it difficult to understand wether it was sarcasm or genuine repons on behalf of partha sir even if it was sarcasm I understand the point which you all are making.
    I understand that it is competition and doing things in accordance to guidelines is the best thing. It was just a querry wether there is anybody else or not who wants the worls limit to be increased or not and I yes got the answer to my querry.
    Saji Sir you may lock this thread.

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    Neelam, please refer to Lead Editor's post.574865. There are many factors of conformity and compliance in a site like ISC. It is with an optimum outlook blending the various requirements and resources that editors or WMs announce contests. Hence we members are to sincerely comply with the given guidelines. That does not mean that your doubt is wrong.
    Moreover, from my personal experience let me tell you , the more we prolong a write up, the more chances of mistakes. 500 word can be a full page write up, which is optimum for readers also. I hope by now your doubt may be cleared. You may please allow the thread to be closed.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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