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    What will be your reaction?

    What will be your reaction if you got a email fron any U.K or U.Sbased company that you have won a lottery 5 lakh pounds or dollars.
    And your email has been selected from thousands of email in their data base and you can claim your award by giving aome details.
    And they haven't ask any bank accounts or bank address but your physical address to send courier.
    Will you believe such mails easily and will get excited for award?
    Or you will try to check the authenticity? And how will you check the autbenticity of such mails?
    How will you find out wether mail is fake or real?
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    Such mails should be simply avoided. We can find many reviews on the internet regarding such mails. Previously, they used to ask our account details so that they can transfer the money. But, instead of transferring us the money, they used to do the reverse. Now the new trend is, they will ask us to provide our physical address so that the courier guy hand over the cheque. Later they will tell us that Indian customs department blocked the cheque and we need to provide some money to the customs department so that they can give clearance to the cheque. They will provide us an account number to transfer our money. If we transfer our money, that's it and after that there won't be any communication.

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    I don't consider myself as lucky enough to win a lottery 5 lakh pounds or dollars. Thus it becomes very simple. Delete such emails even without reading it. One is bound to get entangled in such traps in case tempted to even read the details. It is better to nip such emails in the bud.
    In the material world, nobody gives anything to others. Instead, the people are always after getting something. All advertisements, promotions, offers of discounts, schemes etc. are meant for 'getting' something , not 'giving' anything.
    Nowadays people even don't flash a smile for no reason. They mind their own business and don't pay any heed to the others without any reason.
    It is better to be happy and content with whatever we have or earn through the dint of the hard work. Nothing comes free. Human greed is overpowering. It sucks the gullible individuals. Beware of such lucrative offers. They trap in phases, not in one go. Only after responding to such emails, they open their cards and sweet talk to the individual to the next step.
    Generally, the naive individuals from smaller cities and towns are more prone to fall in such traps.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Earlier I occasionally used to get intimation (through e-mail) to the effect that some great kind-hearted African lady or princess wants to donate some billion dollars to me and for the purpose she needed my Account No. I used to give her my (imaginary) Account No. of such bank which I never visited in my life and and at the same time religiously forwarded those e-mails to the cyber-crime branch of Delhi Police.

    Of late, I have found that those beautiful African ladies don't want to donate me anything anymore! Really sad!

    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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    I never even open emails from unknown sources. It is safer not to do so.
    Managing Editor,

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    Some years back, mails like this are received very frequently. When my father bought our first computer, we used to receive many such mails and sometimes messages to phone too. One day, I showed one such message to my father and said that we won a lottery (in dollars). I am a kid then and I don't even know what's a dollar. My father asked me one thing. Will you give your pocket money to your friend so that he can enjoy? I said "No" to which he replied "How do you think that anyone will give you that much money for free?"I didn't understand it completely until I watched news about such scams in TV. Anyways, such mails are less likely to appear these days. From three years, I didn't even get one such mail or message. In case you are getting such mails even now, install a firewall so that it will block such mails.

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