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    Londonfort –A teacher to learn History, A witness to oppression and struggle of Independence

    In the evening some children decided to bunk there tution class and have a small Party firstly they decided to go inside any big restraurant, but the risk was if somone from any of their family catches them they will be in the problem.
    Then they decided to party in London fort which was an old monument from the time of Britisher's in the middle of the Pithoragarh district where no one visit at this hour as its just an old monument and this plan was approved by all. They reached there and just before they going to sit. They heard a very heavy voice which doesn't seemed to be mundane
    "Hello kids whose Birthday it is, is it India's Birthday isn't but I think 15th August is tomorrow or I have become too old and wasn't able to keep the track of date, but wait how it could be possible every year all the peoples come here on the same day?"
    Children were very frightened hearing this voice coming of no where they tried to run away, suddenly but the only gate to the fort closed by itself, which made the situation more fearful and again they heard the same voice- " why are you running away listen to me?"

    Neeraj (fearfully): who are you? Please leave us we will not come here again please leave us it is my birthday today, please leave us I don't want to die today?

    LF: Haven't you recognised me yet? I am londonfort(LF), sit down all of you I am not harming anybody.

    Raj: but how a fort? A non living thing can speak?

    (LF): I too don't know answer to that but I can speak to some kids?

    All together: But why are you talking to us?

    LF: Because you are hiding from someone and you are now under my protection so Listen I want to tell you my story

    Mani to Raj(whispering): We are already getting late and now this

    Raj: Silently listen to him god knows what else powers he may have? He could kill us?

    LF: Do you know I was made by Gorkha kings in 1790 when they used to rule this land They used to live here and used to fight the local kings. They were very cruel to local peoples and used to make them work day and night. At that time nobody has right to live freely like you had.

    Boys: But we heard that Britishers used to rule this place and live here.

    LF: yes they also lived here after defeating Gorkhas in 1880's and made me a place to work here but they were no lesser then Gorkhas they also harrassed local peoples. You may be thinking why I am telling you this boring story after seeing their faces
    {voice suddenly become harsh from soft} Do you know how much your ancessstors has fought for freedom which you are now enjoying for free and have no respect for it.
    Do you know how much they have fought to take this country to a level where you can get education and walk freely.
    I a non living thing whom people remember only During Independence day know the value of living in a free country. Because I have seen the oppression and struggle of your ancestor and their fight for freedom and you are just wasting all their efforts.

    All (felt ashamed and realised their mistake): sorry we will not repeat this agian

    LF: Now don't make these crying faces, at least tomorrow I will see some faces who knows real meaning of freedom. This is the only day when all the people remember struggle of all the freedom fighter and places like me.

    Raj: We are sorry for such conditions you are a very important part of our history and we should have given you respect. But you don't worry I heard that government has decided to make you as a Muesum till year 2018. After that kids will come here to know the history. And you will not have to speak to kids like us to make us understand the importance of freedom. We are extremely sorry we will not repeat such mistake and will value our independece.

    LF: Ok I think you have realised your mistake you can leave this place now but remember to value your freedom. And don't misuse it. Think about you ancesstors who were not able to do anything without permission from Britishers and Gorkhas.
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    It is true that mankind should revere the old historical monuments and architecture. The author has depicted this situation in an effective manner. I appreciate her effort. But you have forgotten to add a link to the main contest page.

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    Freedom is not a commodity being sold in the market, though it depends on the power of money only. It has a price, which has to be paid in any case. Be they foreign or indigenous, barring a few exceptions, most of the rulers had to be cruel to their subjects for exploiting them so as to lead a luxurious and often a philanderous life. Even during British rule, there were many kingdoms and princely states in India which used to exploit their subjects. On the strength of their wealth, they become able to hire mercenaries called their private armies to enforce their tyranny.
    Even, today in independent India, there are many criminals who are running their parallel fiefdoms. Stil there are few Vijay Mallya's and Lalit Modi's , not to speak about the terrorists and fanatics groups.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    An excellently inspiring story with a tinge of suspense and history associated with it. I knew that Gurkhas had been ruling Kumaon during the last part of the eighteenth century, but I didn't know that they were totally apathetic to the plight of Kumaonis. I have enjoyed this inspiring story.
    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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