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    While rest in peace is imminent for every one then why dont we try to live in peace.

    When living the life we have many characters within us. Some have the likings of others, some are very selfish, some are very introvert, some are extrovert and some are very talkative. But when some one is dead , we immediately feel regret for him or her and express the feeling that the body may rest in peace. However we fail to understand the fact that during the life also we must try to live with peace and not having selected arguments or cold shoulder attitude against others. By posing as hatred against others, we are distancing ourselves from the good people.
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    When we pay tribute to any individual as a condolence message, then we pray for peace to his/her soul, not to the individual who is no more. It is, however, a totally different issue if the people believe in the concept of a 'soul' or not. Generally , there is a custom of paying respect to a departed soul, irrespective of their deeds during their lifetime, except, perhaps in certain exceptional cases of dreaded criminals and terrorists etc.
    Generally, the people should be remembered or known by their deeds which they performed during their lifetime. If we talk about some departed soul in very general terms in a perfunctory manner, like he/she was a very good person etc. , then perhaps it means that there was nothing noteworthy in his/her contribution to the society.
    It is agreed that all individuals are not expected to be like Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, but at least all of us should try to not to waste our life and contribute something positive for betterment of the society.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Its the nature of us, the humans Mr. Mohan. Even if the person who hurt us before died, we can't say that he/she deserved it. We feel sad for him/her and we bless him/her to rest in peace. On the other hand, we can't get hurt always. We raise our voice and get mad at him/her. Different attitudes of different persons always raise controversies. We may try our best to live in peace but it is not always possible. Our Indian government can't even kill the terrorists who killed hundreds of people. I personally feel that it is due to the "live in peace" concept. Such terrorists deserve to die. In my opinion, we should live in peace only if it is possible.

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