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    If the animals could speak , then the mankind would ...?

    When we watch the animals and their behavior , we would certainly see that they are best in conveying their alerts or dangers through shouting or even making gestures. God has not given them the advantage of speaking but they have been given enough energy to make big sounds. If the animals start talking and responding to us, then what would be the fate of Mankind. Just imagine this and append your creative thinking on the talking ability of any animal. For the start, I have chosen the horse. We know for some marriage reception horse is used to bring the groom to the function place. The horse was never fed and made to wait for many hours as the groom side and bride people would dance and even burst crackers. For the that horse may say " hell with these people who cannot stand like me for many hours but instead ready to dance for many hours "
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    Many animals including birds have their communication systems and interact with each other through verbal or non-verbal gestures. However, their ways and means are different and don't match with the human systems. Most animals (including humans) use non-verbal means like body language, smell and sound to express themselves. Many animals communicate through smell by releasing pheromones. The pheromones play a very important role in reproduction and social behavior of animals. Many animals including insects, wolves, deer and even humans use smell for communication.
    Chimpanzees greet each other by touching hands, elephants show affection by entwining their trunks, giraffes press their necks together when they are attracted to each other and the horses rub noses as a sign of affection.
    Vocal communication by production of sounds is used by the animals for many tasks e.g. mating rituals, warning calls, conveying the location of food source and social learning.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    It could be better. At least the cruel people could stop killing the innocent animals or may be controlled after seeing when an animal/bird requests with cry before slaughtering. In other way, domestic animals could help their owners by saying each and every matter of the society and their problems. It is really out of imagination to say about the situation. There may be some advert effects of this also to both animals and human beings. Whatever designed by the God is appropriate and suitable for the world and universe. Thinking beyond the existent is just matter of fool or waste of time. So, it is good right now; thanks the animals don't speak.
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    It would the best thing which all of us want to see because here in this world there are animal lovers who wants to hear their best animal voice. And one more thing is that if they start talking then it will become easier for the human to understand their feelings which are hidden inside their heart. And we human can understand what they want at the moment to survive or to play with whom or to what they want to eat right now, actually it becomes an advantage for the people also because if the horses can understand the words or the language of the people then we can say them to take us at a particular place where we want to go and we can get a ride on the horse without any disturbance of anyone or without forcing the animal to take left or right, it will be so nice if it really happens, I wish I could see changes.
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    We, the humans, will get ashamed as they will scold us on many things as we can see many dogs, cows are crossing the road by seeing both sides for one example. They scold us with worst words, I believe.

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    That would be really helpful and harmful. Some dogs bark at small children and the children will be scared like hell. If the opinion of one is understood by the other, there won't be any fear in the child or in the dog. There are some snakes which bite on purpose and there are some snakes which bite only if we try to hurt them or if they feel that we are trying to hurt them. If a snake talks, there won't be any fear in us or in them. Just now, I imagined a snake talking with me. Oh My God, its inexplicable. Coming to the harm, animals may try to demand humans for food by threatening. What can you do if a dog comes to you and says "Give me food or else I will bite"?

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    It would have been much better if we could see a snake talking and the same could be legible to us. At least, we could understand its reaction and anger causing it a bite. It could have told us the reason of its annoyance and at the present moment its language if any is conceivable to us. The same thing is applicable for horses, dogs, cows and cats etc. With the familiarity of human - language and vice - versa, life would have been more meaningful. May be understanding the languages of the animals and creatures would have lessened fatalities because of better understanding.

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