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    We can draw many conclusions by our behavior on "Looking "

    If you have the habit of looking around, surely you will be impressed with the development that has been taking place around you and some times you even get astonished. When you start looking down, you get depressed for the reason that time is not cooperating and all the decisions are not falling in line with your expectations. But when you look up straight against a person and your face tells everything to others. That is the reason being so when we are seeking favor from God , we must see straight and seek his blessings. And that would be abundant for the ardent devotee. What is your say on this ?
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    While conversation if a person looks down or not looking properly the opposite person, it indicates a sense of panic or hesitant about the matter they're discussing about. This is same in case of prayer too; when a person prayer without any solicit s/he will look forward the God/Goddess, otherwise I've seen some people fear to eye contact with God. There may be some lack of self-doubting or disbelief on God.
    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    If we take the thread as a word game, then there are many idioms and phrases containing the word 'look'. Some examples are as follows -
    1. Look in
    2. Look on
    3. Look ahead
    4. Look out
    5. Look up
    6. Look down
    7. Look back
    8. Look like
    9. Look for
    10. Look ahead
    The list is very long.
    Looking down or avoiding eye contact is interpreted as a sign of submission or fear. It also indicates that the individyal is feeling guilt. However, in the Japanese culture it is considered as a gesture of showing respect to the elders. In Muslim culture also it is considered a bad gesture to gaze on the facial features of the opposite gender. On the contrary in the western culture, it is considered as being 'shifty eyed' . Such 'shifty eyed' behaviour is liable to be interpreted as being suspicions regarding an individual's unrevealed intentions or thoughts.
    It is true that while offering the prayers to the God, one should be courageous enough to look straight instead of being either 'shifty eyed' or lowering the gaze as a mark of respect. However, there should not be any sign of defiance.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I agree with you Mr. Mohan. A person's inner feelings can be understood by his/her looks. Only a few people can hide their inner feelings. For example, our body behaves in one way when telling the truth and in an other way when we are lying. It is involuntary. As everyone requests God for money, job etc., everyone will look down in front of god. That too is an involuntary gesture. A person who visits a temple to thank God for what he/she was given will see the God straightly and ask for his/her blessings. In my opinion, such persons are the real devotees.

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