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    I am enjoying superfast 4G with Reliance Jio. Do you?

    Hello ISC members!
    Suffering from low speed internet / poor connectivity? Spending too much money for 3G / 4G data plan? Don't worry hereafter. There is an amazing solution that comes from Reliance Jio. Reliance in association with Jio offers high end solutions to all problems presently facing by all telecom subscribers. Your digital life is going to be changing! Yes, now you can enjoy unlimited 4G data / unlimited video call / unlimited voice call / unlimited SMS at free of cost for first three months and Rs. 98 for 10GB 4G data after 3 months. Here's how to get it.

    If you have high end 4G mobile like Samsung J5, Samsung J7, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy Note, etc, install Myjio app and get an offer code. Visit any Reliance Digital Store and submit that code to get a free Jio SIM and enjoy superfast 4G speed unlimited internet / voice call / videocall for first three months.

    If you don't have high end 4G mobile as listed above, don't worry, there is another way to get it. Visit any Reliance digital store with your proof of address and a passport size photo and buy LYF smartphone price ranges from Rs. 2999/- . You will get a free Jio SIM along with phone and enjoy superfast 4G speed unlimited internet / voice call / videocall for first three months.

    Even if you can't afford an LYF smartphone, then don't worry. Wait until 15th August 2016, the launching day of Reliance Jio SIM nationwide. You will get Jio SIM at your nearest mobile shop. You can't avail free unlimited 4G data for three months but 10GB 4G data at just Rs. 98/- . Anyhow, you should have any 4G handset to avail this opportunity.

    This is going to be a big change in internet world. Yes, yesterday, I have purchased an LYF smartphone worth Rs. 4199/- as I had only 3G handset and now enjoying 4G superfast unlimited internet / voice call / videocall with Reliance Jio.

    Now I hear your mind voice! Does reliance covers all areas of India? How will be the signal I receive? Nothing to worry about it. Reliance Jio operates on spectrum technology. It is high end over 2300 Mega Hz bandwidth. Even, if you are connected with 1 point of signal, you will get high speed internet which no telecom operators presently offering. I am now staying in rural area and get high speed 4G internet even at low signal.

    Members what your are thinking about it? Will Reliance Jio help you double your contributions to ISC activity? Share your opinion please!
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    Yes, they are offering Jio Preview Offer on Lyf phone purchase. One has to shell at least 3000 rupees to get 3 months of unlimited internet or be a owner of high end Samsung or Apple customer. Speed is good because there is no load over network and people are downloading 100 GB in a month quite easily.

    I am waiting for their WiFi Device which will be a better option than a smartphone due to coverage issues.

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    Reliance Jio is currently running trials on 20 models of its own LYF smartphones and 14 Samsung smartphones. Free voice and data services are currently being used by about 15 lakh users under test phase. The consumers who have bought these phones are being offered unlimited voice and data services for 3 months free of charge. The offer initially begun with Reliance employees and has subsequently been extended to retail consumers. Full blown commercial services have not yet been started.
    I have been a user of postpaid Reliance data plan since more than last 10 years. My dongle has stopped working and services have not yet been commenced although a new hardware has been bought by me from them as advised. I am awaiting the launch of the commercial services in coming months.

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    No, I am enjoying good, old MTNL. It is providing excellent service to all three family-members in a cost-effective manner.
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    For the first time I am hearing a good comment on the 4 G services launched by Reliance and the new hand set seems to be having loaded features. But what I feel that Reliance towers are getting switched off automatically in some areas and we are denied the services. Just I want to know from the author that how is the connectivity from the Reliance. For example we are having the Reliance tower at one furlong from my house, and some times my hand set says "No service" that is really annoying. If the Reliance really wants to bring back or retain its customers. it must improve upon the coverage area.
    K Mohan
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    Mr. K Mohan,

    Reliance Jio (Mukesh Ambani) and RCom (Anil Ambani) are two different companies. Jio services are still not launched and they are just testing their network by giving 3 months of unlimited internet and voice to Lyf phone users.

    RCom was a CDMA operator and now their towers are switched off because they are using the spectrum to covert their CDMA network to 4G network. This means those who were using CDMA dongles will have to throw their dongles in dustbin because CDMA services are stopped by even Tata Docomo now. For those who were using Reliance CDMA dongle this was a shock because all of a sudden their towers are gone.

    Hence, if you are interested in using Reliance Jio then you need a 4G phone or a 4G WiFi router or dongle with a sim slot. You can buy Lyf phone with a sim from Digital store and get unlimited 4G for three months. Maximum speeds on a 4G network can go up to 70 Mbps in 2300 MHz spectrum.

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    Rs. 98 for 10 GB 4G data is awesome. Many internet service providers are charging the same for 1 GB data or less. Also, their signal strength will be less. I don't have a high end 4G mobile and I don't want to buy an LYF smartphone. So, I will just wait till the independence day. By the way, Jio launched some apps - Jio On Demand, My Jio, Jio Play, Jio Mags, Jio Beats, Jio Security, Jio Chat Messenger, Jio Drive etc,. But, they can be used only if there is a Jio SIM in your mobile.

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