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    It hurts! A photo I posted is rejected for a wrong reason!

    Today evening, I posted two photos which my brother took just a month back when we visited many temples in Tamil Nadu. Just now, I received an email saying one of those photos is rejected. I thought that it may be rejected due to lack of quality (misinterpretation of cloudy climate). When I logged on, I found out that the photo was rejected because it is copied content. That really hurt. Did my brother and somebody capture the same place in same angle and same climate? What makes me feel more hurt is the fact that I even added some description and ISC watermark to the photo. I just cannot accept this. If the photo editor still feels that the photo should be rejected, I request him/her to change the reason from 'Copied Content' to anything he/she wants to.
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    I am really very sorry to say that unfortunately nowadays the editing standard in ISC has gone down considerably. I really feel for you! It really hurts when a snap taken by you is abruptly declared 'copied', without even mentioning the source. However, we have to cope up with such low level of editing. I sincerely hope that the Webmasters and the Managing Editor will take necessary corrective measures.
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    You are right Mr. Partha. If the photo is rejected due to any other reason, I may not have raised this thread. The same happened for one of my forum thread some days back. I am disheartened.

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    The same thing is happening with me for quite sometime. When a particular Editor doesn't find my view palatable, he simply deletes the thread, instead of pointing out my mistakes. My article responses are not reviewed for a quite long period of time. Then abruptly some of the responses are deleted. My permission for responding to questions was earlier withdrawn. When I pointed it out, it was restored. Today itself, two points have been deducted from the points allotted to me in a forum thread. Deduction of points from forum thread is unprecedented.
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    If the photo is said to be original and submitted for this site before sharing in any other social site, then ISC is bound to approve it and it cannot be treated as copied content.
    K Mohan
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    Your concern has been brought to the notice of concerned editors to do the needful.

    The other day you raised a thread and appreciated AE editors. Now you are passing derogatory comments. What can I say?


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    Jagdish you have spoken my mind. I too was thinking on the same lines. It is surprising, how quick Partha has changed tracks - appreciating the previous day, denigrating today. Come on Partha, be some more accommodative. With your thinking mind you can be an asset to ISC. And Krishna, I am sure the editors will solve your issue.
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    #574918: Mr. Patro, In this thread I have not been talking about AE Editors. Moreover, I never hesitate to praise/appreciate any person who has done good job; At the same time, I should never hesitate to criticize person(s) for wrong-doing.
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    Partha & others - please may I remind you to stick to the main issue of this thread?!

    Partha - if you have any issues with your articles' responses, reduction in points forum threads/responses, raise them separately. Do not hijack somebody else's thread and veer the discussion off track.

    Request to Krishna - whenever you are raising an issue, please do provide the URL of the page so that we can deal with it quicker. That way, even if the editor who reviewed it is on leave or has some Net connectivity problem, we can check it out and resolve the problem.

    Managing Editor,

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    #574996 (Ms. Vandana) : This is the photo I uploaded. And, sorry for not providing the URL. I was sleepy and a bit angry when I raised this thread.

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    I located the deleted photo:

    I will find out from the photos editor who reviewed it and confirm where else on the Net the same photo appears, if at all. Please wait for a response. I request everyone else not to intervene here with verbal duels.

    Managing Editor,

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    It could have so happened that you or your brother might have shared the image on any social network. Please note that I am just referring to a possibility, I am not stating that it might have happened exactly the same that way. Make sure it has not been shared elsewhere.

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    Dear Krishna,

    Sincere apology to you as you have got hurt after seeing your photo has got deleted. But sorry to say that I will not accept your words. ISC's editors are really efficient and doing good work since last many years. This was an human error and request you to treat the same.

    I have now approved your posted image and given appropriate cash credits and points to it.

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    #575494 (Mr. Pramod Dabholkar) : First of all, I thank you for approving that photo. And, I am sorry if I sounded harsh. But, I didn't mean that ISC editors are not efficient. I too thought that it was an error but couldn't digest the 'Copied Content' due to some personal reasons.

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