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    Do you know that a Ravana idol has been destroyed at village Bisrakh, Greater Noida?

    Bisrakh village is situated about 15 kilometers away from Noida and has a population of around 15,000. There is an ancient temple in which the statues of some Gods, Goddesses and Ravana are installed. The temple was under renovation. In the afternoon of 09.08.2016, some unidentified people bearing a saffron flag vandalized the temple and broke the glass windows. They also vandalized the idol of Ravana before fleeing the spot.
    The villagers believe that Ravana was born in the village and believe that demonizing him will bring misfortune to the residents.
    However, many believe that worshipping Ravana will tantamount to eulogizing evils.
    What are your comments about the subject matter?
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    By the way no one or the group has any right to destroy the religious places without citing any reason for that. Religious places are existing according to the local sentiments and faith and one should not disturb that fabric of tradition and belief. Before blaming any group for this atrocity, the police must thoroughly investigate the case and book the erring persons. What I strongly feel that every religious place must have cctv cameras installed in the premises so that such ugly incidents can be captured live. Moreover some trouble makers are on the prowl to defame the central government in garb of such cheap acts as the UP state is heading for elections soon.
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    The person or persons who has/have destroyed the idol of Ravana, has/have done this from a belief of destroying bad or evil. In this connection, I would like to share that in some parts of West Bengal, people worship Goddess 'Alakshmi' and after the 'pooja', they destroy the idol. This old, rural custom has some significance. I think destruction of the idol of Ravana has been done from similar belief.

    However, such destruction is not comparable with the destruction and desecration of idols by some people to establish so-called superiority of the religion followed by these people.

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    Vandalizing an idol is totally different from ceremonial 'visarjan' of idols during Durga Puja or Ganesh Chaturthi as a part of the Puja.
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    I don't even know that there are idols of Ravana in some places. I personally feel that those people are extremists of other religion. If they are Hindus, it is less likely that they will destroy a Hindu temple. If they are not, destroying evil is not the intention in destroying the idol of Ravan. Destroying other's property is considered a criminal offence anywhere. So, the police must do thorough investigation and punish the people who did this.

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    Well, religious beliefs apart, destroying an idol in an ancient temple amounts to destroying heritage. Moreover, the place concerned has had emotional relationship with the said temple and the idols installed therein. Playing with someone else's sentiments is something that needs to be unwanted.

    The so called religious groups - be it Hindu, or any other religion - do not have any ideology in the right spirit of the word. They have just one motive - creating controversy. That will help them stay in the limelight.

    Besides, vandalising someone else's property should be a criminal offence and the culprits need to be severely dealt with.

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